Jinyu Hu headshot

Jinyu Hu

Associate Professor of Management


My research interests focus on leadership and organizational justice. Under these two topic domains, using a social cognitive lens, I explore the role of perceptions, self-concepts, and social identity in motivation and interpersonal outcomes.


  • Meuser, J. D., Gardner, W. L., Dinh, J. E., Hu, J., Liden, R. C., & Lord, R. G. (2016). A network analysis of leadership theory: The infancy of integration. Journal of Management, 42(5), 1374-1403.
  • Dinh, J. E., Lord, R. G., Gardner, W. L., Meuser, J. D., Liden, R. C., & Hu, J. (2014). Leadership theory and research in the new millennium: Current theoretical trends and changing perspectives. The Leadership Quarterly, 25(1), 36-62


  • MGT 423/623 Leadership and Team Building

Other Courses Taught

  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • International Management
  • Survey of Management


  • Ph.D., Business Administration, Texas Tech University, 2016