Online EMBA Curriculum and Courses

Through a comprehensive and challenging curriculum, online EMBA program participants will experience the development of skills that facilitate problem solving in a complex and dynamic environment, the ability to use evidence-based reasoning to understand, manage, and lead complex organizations, and the ability to integrate qualitative and quantitative information into the decision-making process.

Over the ourse of two years, online EMBA students will complete each of the following twelve courses.

Core Courses (21 Credits)

BADM 700 | Statistics for Decision Making
BADM 701 | Production/Operations Management
BADM 710 | Financial Reporting and Analysis
BADM 720 | Management and Organizational Science
BADM 730 | Economics of the Firm
BADM 741 | Financial Management
BADM 760 | Marketing Management

Breadth Courses (15 Credits)

BADM 711 | Seminar Managerial Accounting
BADM 726 | Personal Branding
BADM 728 | Managing Organizations in a Global Economy
BADM 750 | Information and Communications Technology in Organizations
BADM 781 | Strategic Management for Executives

Find out more about each course in the General Catalog. 

View the EMBA graduate program handbook.