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February 16, 2022

Marcel Schaerer headshot Marcel F. Schaerer, Deputy Director, and B&I Team - Nevada Department of Business and Industry

Whether you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur looking to start a business, the Nevada Department of Business and Industry (B&I) is ready to help you reach your goals. To help you find and access to local, state and federal business resources, we have developed the Roadmap to Starting and Growing a Business in Nevada and the Nevada Business Support Ecosystem Chart for doing business in the Silver State.

These information products are online and available to any interested party.

  • The Roadmap: Guide to Starting and Growing a Business in Nevada is an interactive PDF covering 15 essential topics for those thinking of starting and growing a business in Nevada. Download the Guide and use it while connected to the internet. Navigate the document by clicking topics on the included Road Map. Among other things, the Guide has a licensing page with a clickable state map to connect people to local and regional business resources. With hundreds of links, the Guide simplifies the process of learning what’s needed and who to talk to.

View the Roadmap

  • The Nevada Business Support Ecosystem Chart, a one-page visual diagram that outlines Nevada’s ecosystem of business support resources. The Ecosystem Chart offers a high-level orientation to the categories of business resources available in the state. It highlights federal, state and local government resources, as well as private sector resources.

View the Ecosystem Chart

Both products are intended to facilitate communication and help spread the word about accessing resources, information and tools. They reflect what we’ve heard from customers:

  • People want to know the lay of the land before they venture forth to start a business.

  • They prefer needed information in one place.

  • They want tools that are easy to use and enable them to take action once they decide what it is they want or need to do.