StartUpNV: Nevada's only state-wide startup accelerator and business incubator

August 9, 2021

StartUpNV is a 501(c)3 non-profit state-wide business incubator and accelerator for "home grown" Nevada start-ups and those considering locating in Nevada to grow. Our ecosystem of founders, mentors, University connections, investors, and business partners work together to support member companies. We run three programs for investors and three for entrepreneurs.

For startup founders

We move companies from feasibility thru viability to scalability with 3 programs:

  • GrowNV is a feasibility stage business incubator for companies at pre-beta/pre-revenue stages. GrowNV is a free to join, self-paced program that prepares founders to enter the StartUpNV accelerator program and/or to raise third-party capital on their own.
  • StartUpNV is our viability stage startup accelerator. Founders pitch their companies for entry to the accelerator program. Investors favor new category companies with or near first revenue (or in active beta) that are focused on a mid-eight-figure or greater exit within 10 years.  Accelerator companies are offered a $50k investment thru FundNV - and assistance to raise a six-figure seed round within 3-4 months.
  • AngelNV is our annual 12-week founder boot camp teaching "what investors want." Founders attending this bootcamp are trained in storytelling, financial modeling, investment terms, marketing and sales tactics, pitching to investors, sourcing investors and much more.

For startup investors

We offer three (for profit) programs for Investors:

  • FundNV is a $1M pre-seed fund writing $50k checks to StartUpNV accelerator companies – and other companies affiliated with StartUpNV programs. Open to new investors thru Oct 2021. Minimum investment is $10k.
  • AngelNV is an annual hands-on angel investor boot camp. 40 accredited investors invest $5k each and learn how to be effective angel investors with a like-minded group - culminating with a $200k "team" investment in a startup. Our 2021 fund had 51 investors, raised $330k and invested in 3 companies. Sidecar SPV investment ($5k minimum) open thru September 2021.
  • SeedNV is our $3M seed fund forming Q4 2021. SeedNV leads and makes follow-on investments in FundNV and AngelNV companies AND syndicates into other regional investments. SeedNV check size is $100k to $300k in rounds of $500k to $2M. Investor minimum is $25k.

StartUpNV Mission

StartUpNV combines entrepreneurial and founder incubator, accelerator, and education programs with early-stage capital investment to establish and expand Nevada’s startup community. The ultimate goal is to create and grow a robust, inclusive, vibrant startup ecosystem throughout Nevada to:

  1. Diversify Nevada’s economy
  2. Grow, attract and retain the best startup, business and technical talent in Nevada
  3. Grow, attract, and retain the best and most innovative capital providers in and for Nevada and the surrounding region
  4. Provide compelling economic opportunities open to every Nevadan

Join us as a founder, mentor, service provider or investor. Help us grow Nevada’s startup ecosystem and community!

- Submitted by Jeff Saling, CEO of StartUpNV