Seminar Series

Coordinators: Michael Taylor (Committee Chair), Frank FossenAnna Solokova, Dilek Uz, and Jingjing Yang (Economics)
All seminars are Fridays, 3-4:30pm in Ansari Business 408A Unless Otherwise Noted

Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule
DateLocationTimeSpeaker NameTitle/Topic
Friday, Aug 24th 408A 3:00-4:30 David Albouy (University of Illinois) Skills, Migration, and Urban Amenities over the Life Cycle
Friday, Sept 7th 408A 3:00-4:30 Siobhan O'Keefe (UC Davis) Baby's Gone: The Effects of Increased Sentencing Severity on Fertility and Family Formation
Friday, Sept 14th 408A 3:00-4:30 Matthew Naven (UC Davis) When Does Human Capital Formation Matter Most? Evidence from School Quality and Postsecondary Success
Friday, Sept 21st 408A 3:00-4:30 Mariana Zerpa (University of Leuven, Belgium) Preschool Education and Child Development and Health: Evidence from State Pre-K Programs
Friday, Sept 28th 408A 3:00-4:30 Julia Bredtmann (RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Germany) Immigration and electoral outcomes: Evidence from the 2015 refugee inflow to Germany
Friday, Oct 5th 408A 3:00-4:30 Bryan Leonard (Arizona State University) Stranded: The Effects of Inaccessible Public Land on Local Economies in the American West
Friday, Oct 12th 408A 3:00-4:30 T. Scott Findley (Utah State) Dynamic Consistency and Regret
Friday, Oct 19th 408A 3:00-4:30 Gi-Eu Lee Improving Allocation of Water Rights under Prior Appropriation Doctrine: The Effect of Permitted Place of Use Transfers
Friday, Oct 26th 408A 3:00-4:30 Nevada Day – No Seminar
Friday, Nov 2nd 408A 3:00-4:30 Timm Boenke (Free University Berlin, Germany) Lifetime Income Inequality, Redistribution and Longevity
Friday, Nov 9th 408A 3:00-4:30 Sarah Quincy (UC Davis) Loans for the Little Fellow: Credit, Crisis, and Recovery in the Great Depression
Friday, Nov 16th 408A 3:00-4:30 Steven Buck (University of Kentucky) Heterogeneous Effects of Real-time Consumption Analytics on Residential Water Consumption
Friday, Nov 23rd 408A 3:00-4:30 Thanksgiving Friday – No Seminar
Friday, Nov 30th 408A 3:00-4:30 Laura Grant (Claremont McKenna) Household Electricity Demand, Revisited Again
Friday, Dec 14th 408A 3:00-4:30 Matt Woerman (UC Berkeley) Market Size and Market Power: Evidence from the Texas Electricity Market

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