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Serhat Yildiz

Assistant Professor of Finance


Serhat Yildiz is assistant professor of finance at the University of Nevada, Reno. He received his Ph.D. in finance from the University of Mississippi and joined the faculty at UNR in 2017.

His research interests include corporate finance (capital structure), market microstructure, implications of information flow from financial markets to corporations, price discovery, liquidity, and valuation. He has published in a number of academic journals like Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Research, Financial Review, Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Risk and Financial Management, and Journal of Insurance Issues.

He won excellence in teaching awards in Spring 2019 and in Spring 2021.

He has taught Financial Management Theory and Practice, Research Methods in Finance, Business Finance, and Investments courses.

Research Interests

Corporate Finance (Capital Structure), Market Microstructure, Information, Price Discovery, Liquidity, Valuation

Selected Publications

  • Yildiz, S., Wilkoff, S., (2022) The Behavior and Determinants of Illiquidity in the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Market, Global Finance Journal (forthcoming)  
  • Yildiz, S., Tosun, M. S. (2022). The relationship between tax uncertainty and trade credit: firm-level evidence from the United States. Applied Economics, 54(15), 1742-1758. 
  • Yildiz, S., Van Ness, B., Van Ness, R. (2021). Private information in trades, R2, and large stock price movements. Journal of Banking & Finance, 131, 106194. 
  • Yildiz, S., Davis, R., T. Griffith, B. Roseman (2021). The effects of exchange listing on market quality: Evidence from over‐the‐counter uplistings. Financial Review, 56(4), 645-669. 
  • Yildiz, S., Tosun, M. S. (2020). How Does Aggregate Tax Policy Uncertainty Affect Default Risk?. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 13(12), 319. 
  • Yildiz, S., Van Ness, B., Van Ness, R. (2019). VPIN, liquidity, and return volatility in the US equity markets. Global Finance Journal, 100479. 
  • Yildiz, S., Fuller, K. P., Uymaz, Y. (2018). Credit default swaps and firms' financing policies. Journal of Corporate Finance, 48, 34-48. 
  • Yildiz, S., Fuller, K. P. (2018), Managerial Learning Through Customer–Supplier Links. Journal of Financial Research, 41(4), 507-533. 
  • Yildiz, S., Van Ness, B. F., Van Ness, R. A. (2017). The Role of HFTs in Order Flow Toxicity and Stock Price Variance and Predicting Changes in HFTs’ Liquidity Provision. Journal of Economics and Finance, 41, 739–762. 
  • Yildiz, S., Altuntas, M., Liebenberg, A. P., D. Watson, E. D. (2017). Hedging, Cash Flows, and Firm Value: Evidence of an Indirect Effect. Journal of Insurance Issues, 40(1), 1–22.

Courses Taught

  • Financial Management Theory and Practice
  • Research Methods in Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Investments


  • Ph.D., Finance, University of Mississippi
  • M.S., Economics and Finance, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Professional certifications

  • The Association of College And University Educators And The American Council On Education's Certificate In Effective College Instruction