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In the midst of an already stressful global pandemic, recent events have once again brought to the center of attention an uncomfortable and ugly truth about racism and what it means for many to live in the United States.  It is not the first time this truth has been called out and exposed, although the voices have consistently been discounted and marginalized.  

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the recognition that the video clearly shows a person die at the hands of a law enforcement officer as others stand by without action, should be a wake-up call that not everyone experiences what many enjoy as privilege, the American dream.  The reality that so often, frequently and disproportionately these violent and inexcusable acts are made against black men and women should cause all of us to consider our role in supporting the need for purposeful action and systemic change.  

I encourage that we not let our attention be drawn away from our need to stand for the most fundamental rights for all, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These rights, although enshrined in our founding documents, are not reflective of reality for many.  As educators in an American, public, land grant university with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we have the opportunity to create environments that inspire systemic change for generations to come.  We, as a society, have a lot of work to do. That work must be done by 'We the people.' 

As a College, we will move forward with the College of Business Diversity and Inclusion Operational Action Plan created by the committee this last semester.  Thank you to all who participated thus far.  As we share the action plan in the fall, I expect everyone to contribute individually and collectively to ensure that the reality for all members of our community accurately reflect our ideals.  To our black faculty, staff and students that have been impacted by these events, we stand with and support you.

- Dean Gregory C. Mosier

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The College of Business works throughout the state of Nevada to connect our students with businesses, provide entrepreneurs resources and opportunities to succeed and contribute impactful faculty research that is helping to move the Nevada economy forward.   

Connect your business to driven students. Career and Corporate Outreach provides a myriad of opportunities to introduce students to your business through career fairs, internships, site visits and corporate sponsorship.
Four students standing outside of Switch during a Wolf Pack shadow visit.
The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship An idea space that facilitates entrepreneurship moving ideas into action bridging the gap between entrepreneurship at the University and the community.
Inside the Ozmen Center with multiple people working in teams at various workstations.
Venture Magazine Read about impactful alumni, inspirational students and faculty research affecting the Nevada economy.
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Help your business grow. Nevada SBDC guides and assists Nevadans looking to start and grow businesses, with objectives to increase business starts, create and retain jobs and increase access to capital.
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The College of Business cultivates an atmosphere of inclusiveness and diversity that establishes a positive learning environment for all students.