Graduate School Alumni Chapter

The mission of the Graduate School Alumni Chapter (GSAC) is to foster networking relationships between alumni, faculty, current graduate students and community members through the following:

  • All-inclusive networking opportunities involving Graduate School members from urban, rural, national and international communities.
  • Providing professional, discipline-specific mentorship opportunities between alumni and students.
  • Supporting current graduate students through scholarship opportunities.
  • Building a community of alumni through multi-disciplinary networking and social events.
  • Establishing a platform of opportunities for current students and alumni for areas of career advancement, the arts and local businesses.

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Join our chapter to network and have fun with your fellow alums!


Individuals who are alumni, students, friends or an individual who has taken graduate-level classes at the University of Nevada Graduate School are considered members of the GSAC. However, there are two membership categories: Blue and Silver.

  • Blue. Blue Members are non-voting members in committees, the executive committee and the board.
  • Silver. Silver Members are voting members in committees and general membership meetings. They may also sit on committees within the GSAC and run for officer positions if they have attended at least six (6) or a majority of the general membership meetings during the GSAC year.

Individuals who have graduated within three (3) years of their graduate degree do not need to pay the annual dues to be considered a Silver member. This may stack for multiple graduate degrees.

Any individual wishing to join the Graduate School Alumni Chapter who does not meet these criteria may become a member by attending a general membership meeting.

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Matthew Hawn '15, '19 M.S.
Chapter President
Allison Ferguson '17 MJM
Vice President
Sahara Harrington ’19
Taissa Lytchenko ’18