6,513: Policy on Training for Research Compliance & Compliance with Environmental Health & Safety

Revised: September 2017

The University  is committed to creating an atmosphere that promotes responsible conduct of research and fosters integrity within the research community. The responsible and ethical conduct of research is critical for institutional integrity, research excellence, and public trust. Compliance with federal sponsored project administration requirements and environmental health & safety regulations helps to ensure the health and safety of the university community and our environment.

It is the policy of the University that all faculty, staff, students, postdoctoral scholars and volunteers engaged in planning and/or conducting of research and other sponsored project activities shall receive training in the subject areas applicable to their roles and responsibilities.

All principal investigators (PIs) should be aware of their responsibilities in the research environment, including their responsibilities as supervisors of persons working or volunteering on their research programs. These responsibilities are identified through appropriate training. Existing PIs are encouraged to register for trainings that they have not attended to ensure that they have the same knowledge as the staff within their laboratory groups.

All new university faculty who intend to be PIs should attend the "New UNR Principal Investigator Workshop". This workshop is offered at the beginning of each academic semester and provides an introduction to the various training topics available.

All PIs must successfully complete the following trainings.

  • Best Practices in Sponsored Projects Management

  • InfoEd Introductory Proposal Development

Depending on the nature and funding source of the sponsored project, other trainings that may be required include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Responsible Conduct of Research

  • Human Research Basic Course - Social Behavioral or BioMedical

  • Effort Reporting

  • Sponsored Projects Fiscal and Administrative Management

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Animal Welfare, Animal Care and Use

  • Export Control

  • Additional appropriate safety training (as required for all research for which they are responsible and determined through activities associated with the research)

  • For more trainings, please see the Training Matrix

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation is responsible for providing required trainings and maintaining completion records.

Faculty, staff, students, postdoctoral scholars and volunteers must have a verifiable record of training. Notification of failure to complete required trainings may be directed to the PI, the PIs supervisor, and other university administrative officials.