5,305: Posting, Distributing and Exhibiting of Public Announcements

Revised: November 2018

Public announcements include posters, signs, circulars, newspapers, pamphlets, handbills, fliers, sandwich boards, chalking, and other means of conveying information on university property.

No printed material may be on, attached to, or written on any structure or natural feature of any university facility such as the sides or doors of buildings, windows, the surface of walkways or streets, fountains, posts, fences, monuments, waste receptacles, trees, shrubbery, rocks, or statues. Manzanita Lake and its shoreline are considered natural features. No printed materials may be placed on a vehicle other than by the owner or driver of the vehicle, or by a member of Police Services or Parking & Transportation Services.

Publications, both non-university and university, are allowed on campus as further specified in this section. The specific guidelines, e.g., size, are available either from the Scheduling Services Office or the university organization responsible for the facility. Publishers and distributors shall be responsible for reasonable clean-up costs. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege for up to one year. Appeals may be directed to the Associate Vice President for Planning, Budget and Analysis.

Non-University Publications: Non-university publications are not allowed to be distributed at exterior locations and will have limited interior sites. The only campus buildings allowed to have interior non-university publication sites will be the residence halls and the Joe Crowley Student Union. Distribution is to be scheduled directly with each facility. Non-university publications must be displayed and maintained as required by the individual responsible for each of these buildings. Complete Guidelines are available on the Scheduling Services website. 

University Publications: University publications are allowed at specified exterior locations and at least one distribution point inside each campus building if this can be accommodated without compromising safety. The Office of Marketing & Communications has the authority to approve which publications are official university publications. The Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) or Graduate Student Association (GSA) has the authority to approve student publications. Building occupants shall determine exterior and interior distribution sites and all other specifications in consultation with Facilities Services.

Posting on Bulletin Boards: All bulletin boards on campus are assumed to be "public view bulletin boards" unless identified as a "legal notice bulletin board" or a "department bulletin board".

Public View Bulletin Boards: Materials to be posted on "public view bulletin boards" by non-university organizations, groups, or individuals must be approved by the Scheduling Services Office before posting, except that ASUN or GSA have the authority to approve material from recognized student groups. Materials must include the official source of the posting and contact information on whose behalf the material is posted.

Materials to be posted by non-university organizations, groups, or individuals must include the following statement on the face of the document and may be part of the text of the document or affixed with a stamp available in the Scheduling Services Office:

"The contents of this document do not reflect an opinion or endorsement by the University of Nevada, Reno. This document is not printed or distributed at state expense."

All materials on the "public view bulletin boards" will be removed on the first working day of every month by the building custodial staff. A copy of all materials approved by the Scheduling Services Office will be kept on file by that office.

Specific guidelines and the fee structure for posting by non-university organizations, groups, and individuals are available from the Scheduling Services Office. 

Department Bulletin Boards: Postings are at the discretion of and maintained by the university department or recognized student group responsible for a given bulletin board.

Legal Notice Bulletin Boards: The university department responsible for designating a bulletin board as a "legal notice bulletin board" is responsible for all postings and for the subsequent removal of those postings.

Election Signs: The ASUN and GSA may have announcements or signs on campus grounds only for ASUN and GSA elections in accordance with election guidelines and UAM 5,456, Slackline, Hammock, Ropes and Tent Stakes.

Chalking: Any recognized student groups, university departments or programs wishing to chalk messages on sidewalks to advertise university events must request permission from Scheduling Services and comply with these Guidelines.

Sandwich Boards: Sandwich boards are temporary signage that may be used on a limited basis to announce campus facilities or special events. Boards may be used for a maximum of two weeks to announce facilities and a maximum of three days to announce events. No more than two boards may be used for the same facility or event. Sandwich boards must be weighted and may only be placed in locations approved by Facilities Services. For assistance with identifying the correct sandwich board types for purchase and approved locations please contact Facilities Services.