5,456: Slackline, Hammock, Ropes and Tent Stakes

Revised: November 2018


Slackline or Slacklining: The activity or sport of balancing on a rope or strip of webbing that is fixed high above the ground but not stretched so as to be taut.

Hammock: A bed made of canvas or of rope mesh and suspended by cords at the ends.

Staking: Using a pointed piece of wood, metal or other material driving or to be driven into the ground as a support.

Slackline or Slacklining

Fixed or tensioned lines, such as slacklines, can present a significant hazard to users on campus. They have the potential to cause injury to users and visitors and damage trees or property. Therefore, no person shall attach a slackline to or install on any tree or plant growing within or upon any university-owned or controlled property. No person shall attach any object to or locate any object on university property in such a manner as to damage the property, obstruct public right of way or interfere with the function of the university space. This includes but is not limited to anchor points such as trees, shrubs, plants, fences, rails, posts, bollards, ground anchors or any fixed device used to attach a slackline.


Fastening a hammock, cot or any similar suspended bed or swing is prohibited on any and all fixed objects, whether they are living materials, such as trees, or inanimate objects, such as light poles.


The University prohibits staking a tent or canopy with a spike or nail that penetrates the ground surface as it can result in puncturing underground utilities, property damage, unnecessary repairs, and harm to body, self and others. The University requires that overhead canopy covers including party tents, shade covers and pop-up tents have weighted anchors comprised of either water barrels, sandbags, weights or similar heavy objects.

The University also prohibits the penetration of ground surfaces with sign boards, banners, and free-standing flagpoles. These items, if approved through the standard process, shall be fastened to stationary objects or sandwich-board signs capable of withstanding wind to prevent blowing over. See UAM 5,305, Posting, Distributing and Exhibiting of Public Announcements. Direction on placement should be reviewed by Ground Services to avoid any damages to property. All signs must be picked up by the group or organization to whom they belong following the advertised event.