5,430: Outdoor Banners

Revised: July 2012

The University supports the use of outdoor banners that comply with approved standards and which are only displayed on light poles (not buildings or trees) within designated zones throughout campus. This policy applies to both on and off-campus facilities, whether owned or rented by the University.

Designated Banner Zones:

The University has three banner zones: Entrance, Historic and Residential. Within the Entrance zone there are a specified number of light poles which are assigned to specific departments (Constituent Relations, Provost, Student Services, Athletics and the Student Union). The zone, pole locations, and light pole assignments are at: Banner Policies

Each department assigned light poles will assign a banner coordinator who is charged with seeking approval from the Executive Director of Marketing & Communications for the content and graphic designs of all banners. The banner coordinators will also determine the duration of time a banner stays on an assigned light pole, rotate banners as they deem appropriate and provide for storage of banners.

In addition to these three zones, the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs has approval authority to create smaller zones throughout campus in order to support academic events that advance the mission of the university; the Executive Director of Marketing & Communications retains the same approval authority for student sponsored events. The Executive Director of Marketing & Communications serves as the banner coordinator for these smaller academic and student event zones. In addition, prior to the start of a new school year, the Alumni Association, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) and/or the Graduate Student Association will identify its various sponsored events, dates, and locations for banners, and submit them collectively as a "one-time" request for approval to a meeting chaired by the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs and which includes the banner coordinators. Subsequent ASUN or GSA banner requests that might occur during the school year, and which were not included in the "one-time" request, will be submitted for approval to either the individual zone banner coordinator if the banner request is for a pole in an established zone, or alternatively, to the Executive Director of Marketing & Communications if it is not.

Banner Standards and Purchase:

All outdoor banners must comply with University standards for size, material and graphic design. In general, banners will:

  • Contain the official University of Nevada, Reno Block N logo that is proportionately sized and in compliance with graphic standards located at: Logo Standards
  • Limit the use of the color red
  • Include the building location of the service or program, and date of program (if applicable)
  • Be in compliance with the graphic standards at: University Graphic Standards

Requesting departments are responsible for purchasing their banners through external vendors in accordance with Purchasing Department guidelines.

Banner Materials:

All outdoor banners must comply with University standards for size, material and graphic design. Banners will be:

  • Limited to a 24" wide x 48" high print area with the total banner dimension(s), of 24" x 52" including a 2" maximum sewn pole pocket at both the top and bottom of the banner.
  • Fabricated with 16 ounce minimum vinyl scrim banner material
  • Double sided (two layers of material back to back)
  • Banners shall have a double sewn seam at all edges and at both sides of the pole pockets. The seams are to be located a minimum of ¼" from edges of the banner material and shall have a consistent ½" nominal spacing between the two lines of the double sewn seams
  • Metal tie-down grommets shall be installed at all intersecting locations of double sewn seams (the 2 locations where the double side seam intersect the upper and lower pole pocket seam)

Banner installation, pole brackets, and pole rods will be provided by Facilities Services staff. Banners are to be delivered to the main reception desk room 012, at the Operation and Maintenance Building #076, located at 1303 Evans Avenue; phone number 784-8020.

Banner Request Process:

A draft of the banner including content and graphic design must be submitted at least 20 working days in advance to the Integrated Marketing Department for approval. The requesting department is responsible for all costs related to revised content and graphic design. At the same time, a request for a banner location and posting time frame should be sent to the appropriate zone banner coordinator.

After content and graphic approval from Integrated Marketing, and location approval from the appropriate banner coordinator, a request for banner installations must be sent to Facilities Services using the Work Request Form. Requests must include:

  • Department and point-of-contact,
  • Account number to be charged for installation and removal expenses,
  • Desired location,
  • Installation and removal date.

The Facilities Services Department will install and remove banners via in-house staff or contractors, and will cross-charge requesting departments at the applicable shop rate for these services.

The requesting department is responsible for the storage of banners.

Appeals to a denied banner request may be made to the Facilities Resource Committee.