550: Creation of New International Exchange Partnership, Agreement, and Memorandums of Understanding

Revised: June 2020

This policy governs the creation of all new international exchange partnerships, international exchange agreements, and memorandums of understanding (MOU's). This includes the creation of any bilateral student exchange, faculty exchange, "dual-degree" type agreement or cooperative agreement with an overseas institutional partner. See UAM sections 500-506 for creation of new contracts or MOU's.

1. Creating International Exchange Partnership, Agreement or MOU

Templates for new international exchange partnerships, agreements, and MOU's are available from the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS). These forms require information on the proposed admission standards, fee waivers, number of participants per year, location and structure, term of agreement, and resources needed. Supporting documentation and letters may be provided as well. Agreements may be for a period no longer than five years.

Agreements shall not be renewed automatically but shall be evaluated before renewal can be approved. Program participation is not to exceed two years so as not to exceed J-1 Visa non-degree student requirements. Admission to the University for foreign exchange students shall be based upon the same criteria used for international transfer students. However, students shall be admitted as non-degree seeking.

Exchange agreements should be equitable in their enforcement, and when student exchange agreements include a mutual tuition waiver, the inbound foreign exchange students attending as part of that agreement shall have the following fees waived:

• Non-Resident Fee
• Registration Fee, per credit
• Engineering, Nursing and Business Differential Fee
• Application Fee
• New Student Fee

Outbound University of Nevada, Reno students shall be assessed the following fees:

• Registration Fee, per credit for fifteen units/regular semester; six units/summer
• Technology Fee
• ASUN Fee
• Online Learning Fee
• Non-Resident / WUE Non-Resident / Nevada Advantage Non-Resident Fees (if applicable)
• Excess Credit Fee (if applicable)

International travel, accommodation, health insurance, other mandatory fees not listed, books supplies, meals, and other incidental expenses arising out of the exchange shall be the financial responsibility of the exchange student.

2. Process of Approval of New Agreement, Partnership, or MOU

All proposals or proposed agreements for new exchange agreements first need to be approved by the appropriate college or colleges and then should be forwarded to the OISS for review and approval. Evaluation of proposed new exchange agreements shall take careful consideration of the number of existing agreements in the same geographical area and the types of courses available. OISS may disapprove of the proposed exchanges if it determines that there are insufficient resources to support the exchange or if it does not comply with the requirements of this policy. If OISS approves the proposed agreement, partnership, or MOU, OISS shall forward it to the Provost’s Office for review by the Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education. The Provost’s Office shall send a confirmation memo to the college or department.

Placement of outbound students must follow the requirements of the International Travel Policy and Procedures (UAM 1,404).