4,750: Mail - Package Receipt and Delivery

Revised: April 2019

Each business day, mail, packages, and freight are delivered to and received by the Mail and Receiving units located in the Central Services Building. Depending on the time of delivery to Central Services, the mail or package will be re-delivered to the department address, Mail Stop, within one business day, normally the same day. Freight will take longer depending on the size and weight, and delivery facilities at the location. Centralized receipt of mail, packages and freight is mandatory for purposes of safety and security.

Deliveries of chemicals to Central Receiving are intercepted by the EH&S Chemical Inventory Team. Each chemical is keyed into the ChemTracker inventory and the team ensures the chemical's Safety Data Sheet is in the UNR Safety Data Sheet Retrieval database (https://www.unr.edu/ehs/sds-data). The Chemical Inventory Team then delivers the chemical to the faculty laboratory group that ordered the chemical.

Deliveries to Central Receiving of radiological sources (both solid and liquid) are transferred to the Radiological Safety Office in EH&S. These packages are inspected and inventoried per UNR's radiological materials requirements. The sources are then delivered to the approved Authorization Radiation User. For more information, please visit https://www.unr.edu/ehs/program-areas/radiation-safety.

Use of university services, facilities, and addresses for receipt or sending personal mail or packages is prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action. This includes using or misusing university contracts and discounts with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other suppliers, except through the Central Services' units.