4,714: Print Releases

Revised: February 2010

A print release is required for all university printing projects using external vendors and costing more than $50. A print release authorization number must be obtained prior to printing by filling out the online print release form.

Prior approval must be obtained from Integrated Marketing. All print and copy jobs must meet the University's Graphic Standards to obtain a print release. Projects printed without prior approval are subject to review and approval by the Office of the President. These projects may need to be reprinted at the originating department's expense.

The following do not require a print release:

  1. Instructional materials, such as tests, syllabi, articles and reports
  2. Scholarly works, such as a dissertation or thesis
  3. Items related to the business system (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc) must be printed by university contracted vendors listed on the Office of Marketing and Communications website.

Projects completed by the University Copy Center do not need a print release but must follow the University Graphic Standards. Should the Copy Center outsource a job in excess of $50 to an external vendor, the Copy Center will inform the department. It is the responsibility of the department to obtain a print release.