2,630: Adjunct Faculty

Revised: February 2014

Persons qualified to provide special services to the University and who receive no compensation from the University may be appointed as adjunct faculty and assigned appropriate rank and title (BOR Handbook Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 2.1).  Persons holding adjunct titles are non-voting members of the faculty (UNR Bylaws 2.3.6). 

To obtain authorization to make adjunct appointments, the department chair submits a request to the dean, who reviews it and, if the dean chooses, sends it forward to the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs for approval.  Upon receiving approval of this request, the dean is responsible for initiating and issuing a new adjunct faculty contract.

Adjunct appointments are approved by the department, the dean, and the executive vice president & provost.  Upon approval, appointing documents are returned to the originating college where they are retained along with any supporting material, transcripts, and curriculum vita. A copy of the appointing documents must be sent to the Business Center North Workers' Compensation Office.

Adjunct faculty are eligible for grants-in-aid for themselves but not their immediate family.  They are provided a WolfCard and are covered by Worker's Compensation.  The contract form used for adjunct faculty appointments can be obtained from the Human Resources website.

On a semi-annual basis, each college submits an approved list of adjunct appointments to the Business Center North Workers' Compensation Office.  This list includes the name, college/department, highest degree, and dates of appointment.