2,630: Adjunct Faculty

Revised: May 2021

Persons qualified to provide special services to the University and who receive no compensation from the University may be appointed as adjunct faculty. The “adjunct faculty member” title applies to any individual holding a professional position with any member institution or unit of the System, except as a clinical faculty member (UAM 2,631 Clinical Appointments), for which the individual receives no salary (BOR Handbook Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 2.1) and is a non-voting member of the faculty (University Bylaws 2.3.6). 

Adjunct appointment requests approved by the department are submitted by the department chair to the dean for review and approval. Adjunct appointment approval requests are sent by the dean to the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs for final approval. 

Approved appointing documents are returned to the originating college to be retained with any supporting material, transcripts, and curriculum vita. The dean’s office is responsible for initiating and issuing a new adjunct faculty contract and creating a Contingent Worker contract in Workday. See UAM 2,162 Contingent Workers for more information.

Adjunct faculty are:

  • Eligible for grants-in-aid for themselves but not their immediate family.
  • Provided a WolfCard.
  • Covered by Worker's Compensation.
  • Expected to abide by the same university policies and regulations that govern the actions of employees, including but not limited to those of ethical behavior, confidentiality, financial responsibility, and drug and alcohol use.