2,518: Starting Salary

Last Revised: April 2014

The starting salary of a faculty member must be at least the minimum for the rank/range and is normally between the minimum and Q1 for the rank/range on the approved salary schedules. New faculty who have held positions similar to the one they assume at the University may be offered an initial salary between Q1 and Q2. All salary offers must be approved by the appropriate dean and/or vice president prior to extending the offer to the candidates. An initial salary offer above Q2 requires the prior approval of the appropriate vice president and the Provost's Office. The request for the starting salary above Q2 must be justified by providing written evidence of the candidate's superior experience and/or credentials relative to the position. This justification must be submitted with the Request to Offer/Compliance Form.

Starting salaries that exceed the maximum for the rank/range must be approved by the Board of Regents.

A rank, range or grade must be established for a position prior to advertisement of the position.