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These three variations allow for flexibility for use in different types of media and communication. The Block N logo can be used alone or in combination with the logotype in vertical and horizontal formats. Download logos.

Block N

Block N Logo

Vertical Format

Vertical Format Logo

Horizontal Format

Horizontal Logo

Logo Usage

What is the logo? The Block N logo consists of a custom "letterman-style" slab-serif "N" surrounded by a perfectly square field of blue. The "N" must always appear inside the square. On a dark background, a white stroke must appear around the square. Please refer to the visual guide for details.

When should I use the logo? All of the time, on every publication and website. The logo must be on the cover of all publications and promotional items. The logo can be a part of a die-cut or embossed.

How about websites? The University logo should appear on all websites, preferably in the upper left-hand corner of the site. See University Home Page or College of Engineering or College of Education for examples.

Can I change the color? No. The printed logo should appear in one of the official colors. If printing in 1 or 2 colors, one color must always be black or PMS 282 (Blue). In CMYK, please use the equivalent process color.

Can I apply special effects? No. The logo should appear unaltered in every application and should not be stretched or have a drop shadow or any other effect applied. The bounding box should always appear around the N and the proportion of the N should not be changed within the box. Do not crop the blue space around the N. On a blue or dark background, the logo should have a white outline. The logo should stand alone. Any type or images around the logo should not obscure or crowd it. The clear space around the logo must be at least half the height of the Block N logo. Please refer to the visual guide for details.

Block N with spacing illustrated around it

Can I have my own logo?
No. Secondary logos should not be created. However, Integrated Marketing reserves the right to create special identifiers for University units to assist them with marketing objectives. 

Is there a minimum size for the Block N logo?
The logo should be proportional to size of your publication, promotional item, or website. The minimum size for the Block N is ¼˝; however, this size is appropriate only for promotional items like pens and pencils. If the logo is used in combination with the logotype, the overall height should be no smaller than ¾˝.

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