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Ordering from Barker

Go to e-Total Print. Enter site. Click on “Barker Online.” Barker has created a password/login system based on your mail stop. Your mail stop is entered as a “cost center.” To find your cost center/password combination, call Teresa Winkler with Barker Business Systems at (775) 856-1771.

You must enter your purchase card number and email address when placing an order on the site. An invoice is sent to your email when the job is completed. Barker will not charge your card until your job has been delivered.

Pricing for each item is listed on the order screen.

Barker will deliver at no charge to University Central Receiving in Reno. Freight charges incurred for out-of-area locations will be billed at cost and noted as such on the invoice.

After you log in, click "Place order." Choose your college or division to begin ordering items. For administrative units or non-college affiliated programs, choose "All Departments" for products with the primary University of Nevada, Reno signature.

Help is available at the top right of the screen.

Navigating stationery options

Each college has its own signature or "logo" available on letterhead. For administrative units such as the Provost's Office, please use the master University letterhead. When you log on the vendor sites, the catalog menu will show a list by college on the left-hand side. Click on the link to bring up the letterhead for your college. All stationery ordering is placed online through Barker Business Systems. Ordering stationery online is easy; it gives you more control over your output; and you can use your purchase card for all orders under $2,000.

Economy Stationery

Barker Business Systems has economy letterhead and envelopes available on their site. Economy letterhead is a lighter-weight paper (24# white bond) than the regular letterhead (28# Classic Crest), but is still printed in PMS 282 blue. For instance, if you are doing a mass mailing and would like to save money, choose economy. For more efficiency, have Barker print both your letter and letterhead at the same time.

Instructions for Letterhead

Letterhead is different than business cards and envelopes; it includes the unique graphic signature for each college and for some University-level specialty units.

Most users do NOT need to fill out the first six fields, which allow for optional personalization for deans and vice presidents.

Optional name 1 and 2, and Optional title 1 and 2

These fields are used only to allow for personalization for deans, vice presidents and others. Personalization is OPTIONAL - in fact, most letterhead orders are non-personalized.

Admin unit/dept/center

The letterhead allows for up to two lines of personalization to identify departments, centers, programs and other units associated with colleges and some University-level specialty units.

Example: University Cooperative Extension

The Admin unit/dept/center lines have character limits, so check your PDF proofs to make sure lines do not have awkward breaks.


This is intended to accommodate off-campus mailing addresses.

Mail Stop

All on-campus addresses should include the four-digit mail stop. "University of Nevada, Reno" will automatically be filled in.

City , ZIP + ZIP code extension

Other cities besides Reno can be entered for statewide offices. Please include the four-digit ZIP extension.


Two phone numbers may appear on letterhead - three if the "optional web" box is also used.

Each phone field has a pull-down menu with optional identifiers such as office, fax, lab, etc. For the first number - which is presumably a voice line - no identifier is necessary. The "blank" default can be used.

Optional web URL/email/phone

We recommend using the most specific URL possible, i.e. for the College of Science. Or the main URL can be used. Other information may also be entered here.

Preview PDF

When done entering information, "Preview PDF" for final proofing. PDFs can be printed for review or approval by others, or saved to a hard drive for future reference. (However, system will not save the information entered, just the PDF. If you exit the entry screen, information will need to be re-entered.)

This will be your final approval of the information listed on your card. Note that you are responsible for insuring the accuracy of your order. CHECK CAREFULLY. This is the only proof you will receive.

Add to Cart

Follow the standard e-commerce menus to complete your order.

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