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About Us

Areas of Expertise

The Office of Integrated Marketing is a highly experienced team of marketing, Web and communications professionals who strategize, create and execute branding, Web development and marketing communications tactics for the University of Nevada, Reno and its many units across campus and throughout the state.

Marketing today is a far cry from what it was even five years ago. Today, best practices in integrated marketing include a strategic focus on:

  • Brand
  • Websites and Web marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Online and mobile-device marketing
  • Public relations
  • Paid traditional (print/radio/television) advertising

In Integrated Marketing, our core competency is helping the University's colleges, schools and special units market wisely using evidence-based approaches including target data gathering and analysis, Web analytics and optimization to maximize return on investment as conscientious stewards of Nevada's taxpayer dollars.

Areas of Responsibility

The University Brand

Over the years, the Integrated Marketing team has developed the University's brand, or a consistent visual language that represents the transformative work that happens at this national Tier 1 university.

The University Website

The cornerstone of the University 's marketing strategy is a strong, well-branded Web presence based on a content management system, or framework that ensures consistency and ease of use across the hundreds of websites.

Integrated Messaging

Nevada is a dynamic, national Tier 1 university remarkable for its culture of student success, world-improving research and outreach that enhances communities and business. These are the basis of our messaging platform.

Representative Work

Websites & Web Marketing

University homepage

At the University of Nevada, Reno, our marketing strategy starts with highly effective websites. Using our content management system (CMS), University units now have a user-friendly way to maintain their information and measure key statistics.

Recruitment Materials

Recruitment viewbook

Print is not dead. Rack cards, brochures, postcards and viewbooks continue to have their place in today's marketing strategy. The trick is to make sure they are compelling enough to draw people to the Web.

Photography & Videography

test image

Evocative images are priceless. When executed well, they communicate an emotion inexpressible by words. To that end, Integrated Marketing produces high-quality photo and video to bolster our marketing efforts.



Audio is another powerful medium; the human voice brings otherwise sterile words to life . Podcasts go a long way towards connecting audiences with key researchers and professors who work on projects here at the University.

Social Marketing

Kaepernick ad

Social media is powerful when employed strategically. One example is how Integrated Marketing leverages its 25,000+ Facebook followers by blending clever creative and timely execution.

Online & Mobile

Web ad

Digital marketing is the future of advertising without waste. If you can define a target and say what you want them to do, Integrated Marketing can make even a small budget go a long way.

Direct Mail

Pride Postcard

It's hard to ignore something that gets hand delivered. That's why direct mail is still an effective tool. Integrated Marketing knows how to make your direct mail campaign stand out from the pack.

Targeted Campaigns

BioFit T-Shirt

Specialty campaigns are tailored to specific objectives. Pick an objective and see how Integrated Marketing can pull together a multimedia campaign to achieve results.

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