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Marketing & Communications

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  • While all requests will be considered, not all projects can be accepted for strategic and capacity-related reasons.
  • We ask that all project requests be submitted 60 days prior to your desired delivery date so that we can allocate resources and allow for proper scheduling.

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The Office of Marketing and Communications

The mission of the Office for Marketing and Communications ("MarCom," for short) is to advance the University of Nevada, Reno’s institutional reputation and enrollment by creating smart, measurable marketing and communications that showcase this dynamic university, which is ranked in the top tier of national universities by U.S. News & World Report and is remarkable for its culture of student success, world-improving research and outreach that enhances communities and business.

Logo, color & type

Incorporating the Hallmarks of the Brand into all our communications helps us advance the University's institutional reputation.


All stationery is easily ordered online, giving you more control over your output; and you can use your purchase card for orders under $2,000.

Are you in brand compliance?

We come from different colleges, programs and disciplines, but we all represent the University as a whole. Let's keep our marketing efforts in step with each other.

Photo & video

A hallmark of the University brand is the use of rich, vibrant photography showcasing real University students, faculty and staff. Download photo/video releases.

The University web & the CMS

The University's website content management system helps more than 230 people manage 130 websites.

The work

From websites to video projects to direct-mail recruiting campaigns, we specialize in multifaceted strategies that reach across mediums.

Contact Us

Integrated Marketing (0208)

1664 N. Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89557

Phone (775) 784-6187

Fax (775) 784-6150

Clark Administration, 203

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