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Pin and Drawing Information

Balloon Race Pin2014 Balloon Race Scholarship Pin

Pins Cost $5 and Drawing Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. In addition, there are 500 Limited Special Grand Prize Drawing Tickets at $5.00 per ticket.

Balloon Pins & Drawing Tickets Sellers

Pins and Tickets are available from most of the committee members. Please feel free to download the flyer/poster listing the donors and pin/ticket sales contacts and post in your office.

Ceccarelli, Cindy TMCC – Red Mountain 319F, MS-0319 674-7626
Cunningham, Cari Theatre & Dance, CFA 148, MS-0228 682-9021
Dale, Vicki Facilities Services – Facility Services Bldg. 100B 682-9242
Dearman, Debi Criminal Justice - Ansari Business 601C, MS-0214 784-6164
Gander, Melodie Mackay School Earth Science & Engineering, Director's Office - MM Room 304, MS-0424 784-6987
Gandhi, Pradeep Controller's Office, RH108A, MS-0124 784-1338
Grubic, Margo College of Science, Dean’s Office – DMSC 411, MS-0424 784-4591
Huckle, Norman Savitt Medical Library – Pennington Bldg., 1st floor, MS-0306 682-7328
Kelly, Nancy College of Engineering, SEM 128, MS-0256 327-5154
Marshall, Linda Facilities Operations – B&G, Evans Ave., Room 11, MS-0248 784-8020
Mikulich-Cook, Chris Extended Studies – Continuing Education Bldg., MS-0048 682-7552
Morton, Maureen Learning & Resource Center – Raggio Bldg. 1021 784-4971
Ottaviano, Debbie NSHE Office, 2601 Enterprise Road 784-4901 x 3423
Pascucci, Vicky Knowledge Center – Library Services, 2nd floor, MS-0322 682-5619
Ratliff, Asta Office of VP for Research and Innovation - Ross Hall Room 201, MS-0403 682-8619
Roberts, Ida NV CTR for Excellence in Disab, WRB 4th floor MS-0285 682-9055
Woolf, Stephanie Environmental Health & Safety - ARF Room 222, MS-0328 327-5040

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