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Current Cycle

During 2014-16, the office of the Provost will be coordinating the preparation of the university's Year Seven Self-Evaluation Report (due in fall 2016). Core Theme Committees and Subcommittees will be formed to provide input on draft sections of the report and provide advice on additional report content and metrics. A separate Student Learning Committee will work on selecting case studies of innovative assessments being used on campus to include in the report. In spring 2016, the committee and subcommittees will begin answering questions about the suitability of metrics, how they are being met, and additional metrics that might be used. Based on these processes, the Year 7 report will be finalized and opportunities will be provided to campus for discussion and input. In summer 2016, the Year Seven Self-Evaluation Report will be finalized and submitted to NWCCU. An evaluation team visit will occur in Fall 2016.

Year One (2011)

Year Three (2013)

Year Seven (2016)

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