About the GWC

The Center's Purpose

The University of Nevada’s Global Water Center: Solutions for Sustainability is a response to societal demands for creative, integrative approaches in addressing complex issues related to water resources. The Global Water Center’s mission is to solve large-scale and long-term problems related to water sustainability.

The Center accomplishes this mission by providing a physical venue, organizational structure, and a collaborative culture to foster scientific interaction and discovery, pursue emerging research opportunities, and address stakeholder concerns in an efficient and timely manner. Center Faculty educate and train the next generation of scientists to tackle emerging water issues by providing them with a wide breadth of knowledge and conceptual thinking needed to communicate scientific findings to an often disengaged or unaware public.

How We Will Solve Water Issues

We band together interdisciplinarily to seek solutions that optimize water use, moving towards a sustainable lifestyle in these ways:

  • Partner: Strengthen connections and collaborations across institutions: Universities, government and nongovernmental organizations, and private industry.
  • Broker: The University as an "honest intermediary" that brings cutting edge scientific information to solve issues and develops consensus based solutions with organizations.
  • Develop: Nurture faculty and the next generation of student trainees that want to reach "beyond the ivory tower" and create interdisciplinary-solutions to large-scale and long-term problems related to water sustainability.
  • Showcase: Partnerships and models that work AND document those that need improvements.