Available reports and surveys from Persistence Research

Career Outcomes

The Career Outcomes Survey is conducted yearly by the Nevada Career Studio and analyzed by the Office of Student Persistence Research. It assesses the post-graduation outcomes of students who graduate within an academic year (August, December, and May). Information captured includes post-graduation status (e.g., working, continuing education, still looking, etc.), place of employment or additional education, salary for full-time employed, satisfaction and relevance of degree of career for full-time employed, and perceptions of competencies gained as a student for those graduating with bachelor’s degrees.

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Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement survey (CE) occurs every two years and captures information on food and housing insecurity, attitudes about campus climate, participation in civic engagement activities including volunteerism and voting, and involvement in on-campus programs. Two waves of the CE occurred in spring 2016 and spring 2018. The next iteration of the CE will occur spring of 2020 and will include additional questions on financial insecurity. All degree-seeking students are invited to take the survey. The CE is a joint project with the Center for Student Engagement whose mission is to increase democratic civic engagement on-campus and with the community.

Sexual Conduct and Campus Safety

All degree-seeking students were invited to take the Sexual Conduct and Campus Safety (SCCS) Survey most recently during November of fall 2018. As a follow-up to the two prior campus-wide surveys (2014 and 2016), we continue to evaluate perceptions of sexual conduct on-campus, knowledge of policies, procedures, and support services, as well as the prevalence of sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, coercion, and assault amongst students. Results inform the support services of the Equal Opportunity/Title IX Office, Campus Victim Advocate, Office of Student Conduct, Fraternity and Sorority Life and Dean of Students.

CORE: Alcohol and Drug Use

An anonymous survey conducted every other spring since 2002 to 2018.


MAP-Works freshman survey was implemented back in 2014. Be on the lookout for follow-up with these students six years later. Coming fall 2020.

New Freshman and Transfer Student (CIRP)

In the summer of 2019, incoming freshman and transfer student attending orientation took the CIRP Freshman Survey as well as a supplemental survey. CIRP covered a variety of topics including: college choice, academic preparedness, financial distress, mental health, academic/social self-concepts, pluralistic orientation, student habits, academic/career goals, and intentions to be involved on campus and in civic engagement. The supplemental survey captured information on housing and transportation, family and work, parent and university expected involvement, experiences with exclusion, alcohol and marijuana, and sexual consent. Findings inform outreach in Student Service programing and Academic Advising.

Campus Climate (Speak Your Truth)

The purpose of the survey was to measure inclusiveness and feelings of belonging among all University of Nevada, Reno students, faculty and staff, from all backgrounds and identities. Approximately 31,000 people across campus were invited to participate in this anonymous online survey. Check out the Speak Your Truth website for the full report of results and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website for ways to get involved.

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