About the program

The Sierra Accelerator for Growth & Entrepreneurship (SAGE) creates opportunity for tech entrepreneurs in Nevada, providing expertise to help companies secure funding from the U.S. small business innovation research grant programs.

SAGE is a public-private partnership offered through the University of Nevada, Reno’s office of Enterprise & Innovation and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Office of Economic Development. SAGE provides onsite training, webinars and one-on-one assistance.

Personnel and leadership

University of Nevada, Reno

Grace Chou, Ph.D.
SAGE Director
Chief Innovation & Commercialization Officer

Cara Baird
Technology Manager, Enterprise & Innovation

Jo Sumrall
Administrative Coordinator, Enterprise & Innovation

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Bo Bernhard, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President of Economic Development

Kegan McMullan, MBA
SAGE South Coordinator