Standard Fees

  • There is a $20 set fee for the initial in-person intake.
  • There is no charge for any services provided by the Victims of Crime Treatment Center.
  • The standard charge for psychotherapy at the PSC is $110 per hour when seeing a clinician-in-training for face-to-face therapy and $30 per hour for group therapy.
  • People who are unable to pay the $110 fee may request a fee reduction. All clients sign an informed consent and fee agreement, and clients are expected to pay their evaluation fee when services commence.
  • The Psychological Services Center accepts checks or cash (no credit cards).


  • University of Nevada, Reno students: University students in treatment at the Psychological Services Center are not billed for therapy. Students should first contact the Counseling Services (775) 784-4648 before seeking services from the Psychological Services Center.
  • Nevada Victims of Crime Program. Free services are available for individuals through a Nevada Victims of Crime grant for victims of domestic violence and sexual or elder abuse. Please call our coordinator for details. (775) 682-8684.


The Psychological Services Center is not currently set up to bill Medicare or Medicaid. Should a client have private insurance and wish to use it to help pay for their therapy, then it is the client's responsibility to contact their insurance company to verify coverage and their co-pay amount.