Clinical Staff and Teams

The Psychology Clinic is staffed by the PSC co-directors, Melanie Duckworth, Ph.D. and William O'Donohue, Ph.D.; clinic administrative assistant; and clinic TA, Martha Zimmermann. Additionally, eight full-time clinical faculty, as well as graduate students from the clinical psychology program work in the center.

Clinical Teams

Nevada Caregiver Support Center (NCSC)
NCSC is a nationally recognized research, community outreach and training center focused on the promotion of evidence-based support services for the elderly with cognitive disorders and family caregivers in Reno and Sparks and rural communities throughout northern Nevada.

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP)
The FAP team generally assumes that many instances of psychological distress result from people being unable to attain personally valued goals. This inability results from deficits in a person's interpersonal repertoire (i.e., how a person relates to others) and interferes with attaining those goals. As such, therapy is a place to practice new behaviors to achieve those goals, where clients become observers of how to become more effective in important relationships and valued roles.

Victims of Crime Treatment Center
The Victims of Crime Treatment Center is supported by the Federal Justice Department Victims of Crime grant to the State of Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. It provides evidence-based assessment and treatments at no cost to victims of sexual assault and/or abuse. Sexual abuse and assault are tremendous problems within our community. These experiences affect the lives of victims and their families, often causing a great deal of psychological and emotional distress. The center provides thorough assessment, evaluation and psychotherapy for children who have been sexually abused and treatment emphasizes the collaboration and involvement of non-offending parents. We also provide thorough assessment, evaluation and psychotherapy for adults who are survivors of child sexual abuse and/or who have been sexually assaulted as adults. Services are offered in English and Spanish.

Prolonged and Complicated Grief Team
Most people recover from bereavement naturally with time. A percentage of people have trouble re-engaging with their life after a significant loss. This team uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as contextual behavioral activation and prolonged exposure to address problems resulting from persistent, undiminished grief.

Depression and Anxiety Team
This team uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as Beck's cognitive therapy, prolonged exposure, interoceptive exposure and behavioral activation to address problems with depression and anxiety.

Domestic Violence Treatment Program (DV Program)
The Domestic Violence Treatment Program offers a group-only program for women in either a 12-week format or a two-day workshop format. Both programs are offered without cost, and focus on helping women restore self-esteem, reduce depression and anxiety, increase emotional coping skills and self control, improve interpersonal effectiveness and achieve more effective life and relationship management. Clients may attend either, or both, programs.