Silver & Blue Salute: 2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony

President Marc Johnson, Provost Kevin Carman, Regent Jason Geddes and others from across campus honor the classifed staff that make the University great

Silver & Blue Salute: 2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony

President Marc Johnson, Provost Kevin Carman, Regent Jason Geddes and others from across campus honor the classifed staff that make the University great

President Marc Johnson: Hello, everyone. I'm happy to be with you as we honor the accomplishments of our classified staff.

During the past decade, I've spent time with many of you. What has become abundantly clear is how

indispensable you are to achieving our mission. Without the important work that you do, our university simply wouldn't be what it is today, a high functioning and high achieving institution.

Over the past few years, the university has reached record achievement in a wide range of areas. Without you, these achievements would not have been possible. It's always been a simple fact: We can't be the university we hope to be without our classified personnel.

Every day, we need to acknowledge your work and let you know how much your work is valued here. We faced a challenging period over the past few months. You have helped us meet these challenges in an inspiring way.

And because your classified staff never misses a beat, the University hasn't missed a beat either.

During my time as President, I've enjoyed the regular meetings I've had with the members of Staff Employees Counsel. I meet with the SEC chair monthly as well. And I've enjoyed coffee time each month

with the Classified Employee of the Month.

Through these interactions, I have listened to you. I hear that working at the University is so important to you. You make it clear to me that these are jobs with an important purpose, with friendly colleagues, with stability and benefits.

You also have provided good ideas on how to make the University run better ideas from your own experience, which I don't have the opportunity to see.

Also, you've shared experiences with me about your families who are the real reason you come to work here with such enthusiasm.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and your suggestions with me, and thank you for keeping this campus beautiful and fully functioning.

Despite the disruptions we have experienced with recessions, explosions and pandemics, we honor the work and offer congratulations to all the employees who are so integral to our success. Thank you for all of the important work that you do on behalf of our university.

It's been an honor of a lifetime to work with all of you.

Provost Kevin Carman: Greetings. I'm delighted to be able to join you at this wonderful event.

I want to offer my most sincere appreciation to our classified employees for the incredible contributions that they make every day to our great University.

And I know that these recent times have been particularly stressful and challenging. And again, I just want to say how much I appreciate all that you do and contribute to our university on a daily basis.

I also appreciate the enthusiasm with which you do it. Just I'm always impressed with how committed

and loyal and just basically entirely bought-in to the mission of the University our classified employees are.

I'd like to relate one particular example that really struck me as during these difficult times that we've been facing. Jennifer Scanio, as you may know, is an administrative assistant in the Pennington Student Achievement Center.

And when we realized that we were going remote last spring, we realized that we needed to provide computers, laptops to students. And Jennifer was just front and center in orchestrating helping to identify where we could get the laptops and then distributing them from the Pennington Student Achievement Center and was working long hours and helping the students get the resources that they needed.

I know that that sort of thing happens on a daily basis with so many folks across this campus. And so, again, I just want to say thank you, but especially thank you for all that you have been doing and are doing as we get through these challenging times.

Regent Jason Geddes: Good afternoon. I'm Jason Geddes. I'm a Regent on the Nevada System

of Higher Education Board of Regents. And I'm here to congratulate all of you at the Silver and Blue Salute for your accomplishments as classified employees on this beautiful campus.

As many of you know, my father was an electrician and plumber here for thirty years, and he probably talked to all of you at one point in time. And my brother currently works in the heat plant.

I have a deep appreciation for all that you do to make sure this campus is beautiful, welcoming and warm for everybody who comes here for classes or just comes to visit. You all make sure this campus

runs smoothly behind the scenes. And we truly appreciate your efforts.

Thank you.

Dean Matt Means: When I arrived at the University of Nevada, 15 months ago, it became immediately obvious to me that Kim Bonnefant was a treasure of this institution.

Everywhere I went, I was regaled with stories of her vivacity, sense of service, unrivaled commitment and a heart-led approach to human interaction. It was obvious to me that Kim was successful

not purely because of what she did, but just because of who she is.

After working with her directly, it also became obvious to me that Kim was a natural leader. One who others loved being around. One who could tell a story and deliver it personally and powerfully. For these reasons, it made urgent sense for her to be both recognized and promoted.

Kim leaves the offices she works in and the people she speaks to in a better place then she found them. And she does this effortlessly and selflessly.

Her work ethic is standard-setting. She never says no. She never quits. And she does everything with a smile, and she has a heart of pure gold. May we all possess her same bright light as the years pass.

Our world and University is better because of Kim Bonnefant and I'm very proud to be able to call her a friend and a colleague.

Associate Dean Cherie Singer: Judy Shpargel has served the medical students at UNR for 11 years, and even though she likes to fly under the radar and work behind the scenes, she is one the reasons that the School of Medicine is personal for our students.

She connects with them, listens to them, and is the go-to-person to find solutions for genuine compassion. Her interest makes a lasting impression. In fact, she is the first person they often contact about significant life events or who they reconnect with when they return to Reno to practice medicine.

Jody has also made the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs at the School of Medicine one of the best places to work. Her willingness to go above and beyond for our staff reflects her advocacy for our students.

She can always be counted on for a wry comment, but also her willingness to step in and get it done, to train others, to learn a new skill or commiserate with us when it seems like the sky is following.

Her work matters and makes a difference. And with her dedication, we function with the highest levels of quality, integrity and caring for our students.

People are the strength of the School of Medicine. And Judy Shpargel is a heart and soul of our department and so deserving of this recognition.

Janine Nelson: Amanda Sabiniano is a staff professional trainee in the job evaluation unit and Human Resources.

From the very beginning, Amanda was really a star. One of the qualities I enjoy most about her is her understanding and willingness to accept where she is in the learning process.

She takes on every challenge, and she's patient and allows herself the time to learn. It's a really wonderful quality to have in an employee.

Above all else, she's a kind, thoughtful and compassionate human being. She makes an immediate connection with people, which is really important in her role.

Amanda will have a long and wonderful career here, and I can't wait to watch her grow. I know others join me in saying that we are lucky to work with Amanda every day.

Amanda, a big congratulations from all of us.

Names of retirees, years of service, award winners and outgoing SEC council members

SEC Years of Service Retirees

  • Lisa Cody,35
  • Vicky Pascucci, 32 Years of Service
  • Nancy Horowitz, 30 Years of Service, Classified Staff Honoree
  • Dana Bratcher, 29 Years of Service, Classified Staff Honoree
  • Elaine Casey, 29 Years of Service, Classified Staff Honoree
  • Charles May, 28 Years of Service
  • John Torrisi, 26 Years of Service
  • Susie Arrate, 25 Years of Service
  • Jenny Johnson, 24 Years of Service
  • Anette Christensen, 23 Years of Service
  • Maureen Morton, 20 Years of Service, Classified Staff Honoree
  • Donna St John, 19 Years of Service
  • Kimberly Roberts, 19 Years of Service
  • Reva Crump, 19 Years of Service
  • Lilia Ramirez, 18 Years of Service
  • Linda Ward, 16 Years of Service
  • Marvin Wakefield, 15 Years of Service
  • Cheri Briggs, 14 Years of Service
  • Penny Yaste, 14 Years of Service
  • Tiny Mclachlan, 14 Years of Service
  • Marianne Davis, 13 Years of Service
  • Berta Martinez, 10 Years of Service
  • Diana Arrendale, 7 Years of Service
  • Les Hopkins, 7 Years of Service
  • Robert Richardson, 6 Years of Service
  • Jeffrey Rogers, 5 Years of Service
  • Timothy Carson, 5 Years of Service

SEC Years of Service

  • Mele Pasina, 30 Years of Service
  • Melissa Bell, 30 Years of Service
  • Denise Goode, 30 Years of Service
  • Martin Ruiz, 25 Years of Service
  • Jimmy Johnson, 25 Years of Service
  • Olga Soto, 25 Years of Service
  • Robin Collins, 25 Years of Service
  • Jerry Winter, 25 Years of Service
  • Sally Echeto , 25 Years of Service
  • Jennifer Laslo, 25 Years of Service
  • Martha Barajas, 20 Years of Service
  • Suzi Stempeck, 20 Years of Service
  • Joshua Reynolds, 20 Years of Service
  • Bonnie Coker, 20 Years of Service
  • Sandra Wallin, 20 Years of Service
  • Imee Espejo, 20 Years of Service
  • Marianne Jacobsen, 20 Years of Service
  • Rebekah Woolsey, 20 Years of Service
  • Jaime Frank, 20 Years of Service
  • Karyn Sholund, 20 Years of Service
  • Kimberly Boehner, 20 Years of Service
  • Judy Otteson, 20 Years of Service
  • Roberto Ramirez, 20 Years of Service
  • Douglas Bookey, 20 Years of Service
  • Willie Daugherty, 20 Years of Service
  • Elaine Fagin, 20 Years of Service
  • Maria Calderon, 20 Years of Service
  • George Brewster, 20 Years of Service
  • Kathryn Johnson, 20 Years of Service
  • Travis Stewart, 15 Years of Service
  • Susan Kinder, 15 Years of Service
  • Kelly Smith, 15 Years of Service
  • Maria Cabangon, 15 Years of Service
  • Michael Henson, 15 Years of Service
  • Jan Anderson, 15 Years of Service
  • Lauren Castro, 15 Years of Service
  • Deborah Alexander, 15 Years of Service
  • Jennifer Vlcan, 15 Years of Service
  • Tom Emmons, 15 Years of Service
  • Tatiana Gouem, 15 Years of Service
  • Jane Gardner, 15 Years of Service
  • Karyn Johnson, 15 Years of Service
  • Lisa Kornze, 15 Years of Service
  • Lynda Mclellan, 15 Years of Service
  • Darren Schryer, 15 Years of Service
  • Jaime Mcguire, 15 Years of Service
  • Treg Gardner, 15 Years of Service
  • Howie Hess, 15 Years of Service
  • Jim Barcellos, 15 Years of Service
  • Shauna Herrick, 15 Years of Service
  • Nickolas Crowl, 10 Years of Service
  • Savannah Maienschein, 10 Years of Service
  • Angelina Shaw, 10 Years of Service
  • Cara Goss, 10 Years of Service
  • Todd Lyttle, 10 Years of Service
  • Andrea Agarwal, 10 Years of Service
  • Jose Rios, 10 Years of Service
  • Elizabeth Brown, 10 Years of Service
  • Darren Moore, 10 Years of Service
  • Veronica Arinze, 10 Years of Service
  • Liliana Ruiz, 10 Years of Service
  • Freddie Rusanoff , 10 Years of Service

2019 Employees of the Month

  • January, Seresa Greer, Human Resources
  • February, Josh Scilacci, Residential Life and Housing
  • March, Brian Vodehnal, Facilities Maintenance Services
  • April, Ken Moore, Facilities Maintenance Services
  • May, Susan Kinder, Chemistry Department
  • June, Virginia Riley, Custodial, Facilities Services
  • July, Katherine Dirk, Libraries
  • August, Jason Bayliss, Facilities Maintenance Services, HVAC
  • September, Cimothy Halverson, Facilities Maintenance Services, Electrical
  • October, Debbie Penrod, Publications Writer, University Police Services
  • November, Lizeth Barroeta, Community Based Instructor, Literacy Department
  • December, Jose Lopez-Medina, Parking and Transportation Services

Outgoing SEC Representatives

  • Veronica Alumbaugh, College of Engineering
  • Steve Cavallaro Facilities
  • Maria Duque-Rueda, Library / IT
  • Ginger Fenwick, Health Sciences
  • Jane Gardner, College of Education
  • Treg Gardner, UNR School of Medicine
  • Seresa Greer, Administration & Finance
  • Donna Healy, President's Division and DAR
  • Vince Keller, Student Services
  • Roxanne Piskel, College of Science
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