Faculty play key role in recruiting students

University makes active strides to increase number of international students; Faculty act as ambassadors for the University during their travels abroad

1/31/2014 | By: Annie Conway  |

Faculty members at the University of Nevada, Reno become advocates to recruit international students by visiting college fairs and engaging with prospective students during their travels. This innovative approach to recruitment broadens the reach of the University around the world.

Berch Berberoglu, Foundation Professor of sociology, chair of the department of sociology and director of graduate studies in the department of sociology, has been an advocate of recruitment while traveling in Turkey. Berberoglu was in charge of the University of Nevada, Reno booth at the International Education Fair in Istanbul last October which was attended by more than 12,000 students interested in studying abroad.

"The three-day international event was indeed a great success," Berberoglu said. "I look forward to serving in this capacity to promote the University and recruit more students at similar fairs in Turkey to study at our University in the future. Representing Nevada half way around the world certainly makes me proud of being part of this great institution that I have served for the past 37 years."  

Berberoglu's efforts allowed the University to be represented at the fair for the first time with 170 other universities. More than 130 undergraduates and graduates filled out interest cards to find out more about the University of Nevada, Reno.

"He is a great advocate for the University," Susie Askew, director for the office of international students and scholars, said. "He has done an amazing job and is already getting a great response at the fairs he has attended."

According to Askew, working with faculty like Berberoglu, who have expertise in a specific region and know the language, helps connect international students to the University in a cost-effective manner.   

"Prospective students really identify with a faculty member," Askew said. "It presents us very well."

Another faculty member helping to broaden recruitment is Charalabos Doumanidis, professor and chair of the mechanical engineering department. He is helping recruit in the Gulf Region including Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Cyprus where many of the students in the region are interested in science and engineering.     

"We are going to send him for the first time this spring to do a sweep of the Gulf Region," Askew said.

Along with talking with potential students, faculty members also give the University feedback on the types of questions that the students have about the University which can apply to better target international students. 

"We have a great reputation," Askew said. "We are a Tier 1 university, and international students want to attend a university that is well recognized."

It is the University's goal to continue to increase its global reputation and number of international students. Throughout the last year, the number of international students increased by nine percent. Currently, international students make up four percent of the University population, and it is the University's goals to have international students make up eight percent of the population.

"We are committed to the enrollment of a globally diverse student body at the University of Nevada, Reno," Melisa Choroszy, associate vice president of enrollment services, registrar and commencement, said.

A year and a half ago, the department of international recruitment moved from the University's academic affairs division to the student services division under the guidance of Choroszy. The University hopes more faculty will continue to help with recruitment.  

"We are always looking for more people who are willing to help us in our recruitment efforts," Askew said. "Faculty and staff at the University are welcomed to use their expertise if interested in helping reach and recruit a national and international audience."   To learn more about international recruitment, go to unr.edu/oiss or contact Susie Askew at psa@unr.edu


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