Top ROTC and nursing student stands out from the Pack

Caitlyn Adley chosen to represent University at National Student Nurses’ Convention

Top ROTC and nursing student stands out from the Pack

Caitlyn Adley chosen to represent University at National Student Nurses’ Convention

Caitlyn Adley, an ROTC Cadet and one of the Level Leaders at University of Nevada's Orvis Student Nurses' Association, was selected for National Student Nurses' Association's annual convention to represent the University of Nevada, Reno.

Each year, the Orvis Student Nurses' Association sends two of its members to the convention. Students who attend the convention further develop their leadership skills, gain a broader understanding of the nursing profession and are given the opportunity to network with peers from across the nation. Adley attended the 62nd convention in Nashville, Tennessee this last spring.

"The conference was a great opportunity,"Adley said. "I attended sessions on leadership development, was able to network with other nursing students and professionals and attend a student symposium highlighting new research in the field."

Adley has excelled academically during her time at the University and was a top performer at the ROTC Camp that she attended last summer after her junior year. She obtained the highest possible rating and had the highest physical fitness score for her cohort.

"Cadet Adley is an outstanding leader and critical thinker," said Lt. Col. Michael Minaudo, department chair of the University's Military Science Department, which oversees the ROTC program. "She has excelled in every facet of ROTC and at Orvis. I have no doubt that she will continue to contribute. Her performance will be superior when she is commissioned as an officer and nurse in the Army."

Adley is very involved at the University. She is an active volunteer at Wolf Pack Football games and was selected to lead a high profile VIP section in the Sky Boxes. She also organized and competed in CrossFit competitions and intramural activities in the region and on campus. Adley led an ambulance ride-along with REMSA, a community-service awareness project. Her other notable accomplishments include serving as the Army ROTC Liaison to the Reno Veteran's Guest House where she coordinated multiple events including a highly successful fundraiser telethon event. She is also an active member of the Nevada Military Society.

"I have truly enjoyed ROTC," Adley said. "It was one of the best decisions of my University career. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have received with both ROTC and the Orvis Nursing program."

Adley will be graduating in December with her degree in nursing. She will find out in September if she is going to be in active duty or the Army Reserve after graduation. For more information about the University's ROTC, visit, and for more information about the Orvis School of Nursing, visit

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