Students, faculty providing millions in free health care

Students, faculty providing millions in free health care

Faculty and students at Nevada's public universities and colleges provide over $16.6 million and two million hours of uncompensated health care to residents of the state during a calendar year, according to a recent study compiled by the Health Sciences System of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Within the Nevada System of Higher Education, there are 150 health sciences programs and nearly 18,000 students training for careers in a health related field.

The report details the dollar amount and number of hours of health related services that each institution and its students contribute to the state.

"The combined impact that our programs and students have on health care in Nevada is enormous and gratifying," said Dan Klaich, chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education. "This service to the state is invaluable, and it is exactly what higher education should be doing, that is advancing the goals of the State. The health of our citizens has to be at the forefront of those goals. This is just another example of the investment in higher education providing direct, immediate benefits as well as long term value as these students train to become our future caregivers."

The report reflects information collected for the 2008 calendar year. The data was compiled to reflect a direct and quantifiable dollar figure where possible, as well as a compilation of the total number of hours that NSHE students provided care while pursuing a degree under the supervision of highly qualified faculty.

Said Maurizio Trevisan, executive vice chancellor and CEO of the Health Sciences System: "The sheer number of hours of care our students are providing gives an indication of the impact NSHE has on the health and well being of the residents of Nevada. These students are our future doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, medics, technicians and many other health professionals who are providing a great service as part of their education and training. Millions of dollars and hours of care are being returned to the state as part of our investment in higher education."

The report details the services provided by schools and programs such as the University of Nevada School of Medicine, the UNLV School of Dental Health, and the nursing schools of each of the universities and colleges, as well as schools of social work, occupational therapy, emergency medical training and medical technician fields.

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