National Geographic Channel features Mogul earthquake swarm

11/4/2009 | By: Mike Wolterbeek  |

On Thursday the National Geographic Channel is featuring the Mogul earthquake swarm on its show "Naked Science". The earthquake swarm shook Reno from February 28 to May 2008 with more than1000 small earthquakes. The swarm in the Mogul area northwest of Reno had the largest series of shakers at the end of April 2008: a 3.3 magnitude, a 4.7 magnitude (the largest in Reno in more than 50 years) and then a 3.4 magnitude.

The unusual seismic activity is the subject of an episode on the “Naked Science” program at 10 p.m. A preview of the show can be viewed on the National Geographic Videos website.

University of Nevada, Reno researchers, who continue to study the event, are featured in the special mini-documentary. A special seismological report on the Mogul swarm by the Nevada Seismological Lab is available at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory website and additional information can be found at the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology website.


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