Campus Audit launches new website improving service

4/23/2009 | By: Staff Report  |

Campus Audit has launched their new website. It contains the following information:

  • Reporting an Improper Activity (anonymous reporting form)
  • Best Practices and Internal Control
  • How to Prepare for an Audit
  • Risk Awareness and Red Flags
  • Internal Control Assessment Tool
  • Audit Alerts

Improper activities include a broad range of fraud, abuse, mismanagement, waste, misconduct, non-compliance and other wrongdoing. Anyone within the university who has a reasonable suspicion of any of the foregoing is responsible for reporting their concerns to the university.

We encourage individuals within the university community to initially discuss concerns with their supervisor. Employees are encouraged to report suspected wrongdoing such as fraud, theft, uncorrected accounting errors, or other violations of university policies, federal, state or local laws to their supervisor or a higher level departmental manager.

In cases where this does not resolve the situation or the suspected wrong-doing involves an employee’s supervisor or someone in their chain of command, please use the anonymous reporting form.

All the fields in the anonymous reporting form are OPTIONAL although some may show up in yellow implying that it is a required field. Please provide as much information as possible. As with all anonymous reports if sufficient information is not provided we may not be able to pursue the request.


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