Special Collections, Archives help produce Reno book

5/19/2008 | By: Guia Del Prado  |

The Turner Publishing Company has released a new book illustrating Reno's history titled Historic Photos of Reno. The University's Special Collections and University Archives offices provided most of the book's 200 photos. Donnelyn Curtis, of Special Collections, wrote the text and chapter introductions for the publication. 

The book, released in March by the Nashville, Tenn. publishing house, includes photos of Reno from the mid-1800s to the modern era. Curtis says the photos show just how unique Reno is.

"Reno doesn't fit well into the categories of photographs that are standard in the publisher's series of historic photos books," Curtis said. "We had gambling, divorce and nightlife. There are things in Reno's history that makes it different from the other cities." 

Curtis said the photo book is helpful to those who want to see and learn about Reno's history, from the prizefights and gambling to the growth of the University. 

"Reno is growing fast," Curtis said. "New people in the area who didn't know the history don't know some of the issues we had before now. This helps puts the city in perspective."

Michael McCalip, a Turner Publishing representative who selected most of the images for the book, agreed the main goal for Historic Photos of Reno as well as the entire series, is to inform readers in an entertaining and visual way.

"We wanted to provide readers with the history following the growth of the city through the years to the city everyone knows of today," McCalip said. 

The book has a varied collection of photos and shows Reno's complexity as it grew. 

"It also showed the seedy side of Reno," Curtis said. "That's what the book does - lets the photos show the story of Reno." 

Historic Photos of Reno is one of three Turner Publishing photo books set in Nevada. It also published a historical photo book for Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. According to McCallip, the company usually covers about three cities to give each state more depth and variety.

The book is available from Turner Publishing for $39.95.


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