Nevada System launches public service advertising campaign

11/19/2008 | By: Staff Report  |

An eight-month public service announcement campaign to raise awareness and inform Nevada residents about the value of education began on Nov. 19, the Nevada System of Higher Education announced this week.

The $1 million effort, which will run through the upcoming session of the Nevada State Legislature, has the support of Sunbelt Broadcasting Company and Jim and Beverly Rogers. Jim Rogers, in addition to serving as founder and owner of Sunbelt Broadcasting, is the chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Nevada’s education system, from kindergarten through post-doctoral studies, is facing record-level budget cuts. The public service campaign will share real-life stories from teachers, doctors, students and various business leaders about the importance of education and its far-reaching impact on the economic, cultural and social health of the state.

A companion website, Educate Nevada, was also launched on Nov. 19 to provide more detailed information about the benefits of education to individuals, communities and the state. The Nevada System of Higher Education and Nevada’s school districts are working together to encourage citizens to contact their legislators and tell them to make education a priority.


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