Westfall wins Distinguished Faculty Award

5/18/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Distinguished Faculty Award: Honors a member of the faculty in recognition of a lifetime of significant service activities that have enhanced the university community, the city, state and nation. The award is a means to recognize the intangible, yet valuable, gifts the University receives from a long career of generous civic spirit.

David Westfall, emeritus professor and chair of pharmacology, dean of the College of Science and vice president of academic affairs, joined the faculty at the University of Nevada as a member of the Department of Pharmacology in 1982.

His career at the University exemplifies distinction in the three tenets of academia: teaching, research and service.

Westfall is a devoted and gifted teacher and has received three "Golden Apple" awards for the outstanding basic science professor in the School of Medicine and has also been awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award from the School of Medicine.

Westfall's research group played a leading role in establishing the concept that nerves release multiple neurotransmitters, and his work has been supported by federal grants for 37 continuous years.

For this work Westfall received the University's and Regent's Outstanding Researcher Award.

Westfall is a Foundation Professor, and has served the University as a department chair, vice president and dean. Professor Westfall is a true scholar and example of what is best in every faculty member.


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