Statistical Discovery Solutions seminars

10/12/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

The Center for Research Design and Analysis and the Office of the Vice President for Research are presenting two Special Seminars on Statistical Discovery Solutions by SAS Institute Speakers.

SAS JMP: A challenge to students in many applied statistics courses is getting from concept to effective application. While most statistics software requires students to memorize where techniques and graphics are located on menus, JMP provides a smart interface that reinforces concepts and provides an intuitive framework for real-world data analysis. JMP provides the complete spectrum of statistics and graphics for engineering, biological and social sciences and business needs, from basic analytics to the most complex analyses a Ph.D. student may encounter. JMP runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems and also functions as an easy, point-and-click interface to SAS where the user can create, run or access SAS Programs and data.

The first will be on Friday, Nov. 9 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Scrugham Engineering Mines Building, Room 101. JMP software is visual and interactive. It drives you through statistics using point, click, drag, and drop, and then displays results as statistics and multiple graphs in the same window. The following topics will be covered: Navigating JMP and using its smart, graphical interface; analyzing, graphing, and charting in a single step: regression, multivariate analysis, time series, data mining; design of Experiments (DOE) and recursive partitioning; interactive and motion-enabled graphs for examining 2D, 3D and up to 7 dimensions; JMP Integration with SAS.

The second seminar will begin at 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. This seminar will focus on Genomics discoveries require sophisticated analyses of almost overwhelming amounts of data. SAS JMP software integrates simple-to-use genomics analysis protocols specific for expression, SNP analysis, and proteomic data. The JMP genomics products add interactive graphical tools that allow scientists to picture relationships and genomic areas of interest. Also JMP Genomics offers custom input processes for a variety of popular genomic data formats, and is an Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible software solution for expression and SNP analysis. It combines the dynamic interactivity of JMP with the powerful backend processing of SAS. In this seminar, SI experts will discuss how the tools in JMP Genomics can help you design, assess, and analyze expression microarray experiments to provide high quality, significant gene lists for downstream annotation.


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