School of Medicine's Greasewood Press publishes book on "Nevada Veterinarians"

7/26/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

The University of Nevada School of Medicine's Greasewood Press is known for its contribution of recording the state's medical history from frontier healthcare of the 19th Century to the advent of modern medicine in Nevada. Greasewood Press' latest offering touches upon a no less important, but often overlooked aspect of medical care—veterinary medicine. "Nevada Veterinarians," which received a limited release this week, tells the history of veterinary medicine across Nevada from the early days of statehood to today's practice of modern veterinary medicine.

The author, Richard Pugh, says it's important to highlight the efforts of the state's veterinarians. "So often the medical profession focuses on the efforts of physicians who care for human patients," says Pugh. "But, veterinarians have also made a significant contribution to our state. From caring for much beloved pets to keeping our state's agricultural livestock healthy, they significantly contribute to the quality of life for all Nevadans."

In "Nevada Veterinarians," Pugh tells the story of a group of men and women with expert training, who treat the state's dogs, cats, cattle, horses and exotic pets and return them to health when they fall ill. The book is dedicated to the work of those physicians whose research and skills have contributed to improving the results achieved by today's practicing veterinarians. "Nevada Veterinarians" is now available for order through the School of Medicine's Greasewood Press and is also available in limited quantities at select book stores across Northern Nevada.

Pugh is affiliated with the University of Nevada School of Medicine's History of Medicine Program. He has written two other books printed by Greasewood Press:"Serving Medicine," the story of the state medical association, and "The Cutting Edge," in which he describes fifty years of medicine in Reno. Pugh is a 1962 graduate of the University of South Carolina. He served in the U.S. Public Health Service in Greenville, South Carolina and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before becoming chief executive officer of the TB and Health Association of Coastal Carolina in 1967. Pugh was a lobbyist for the South Carolina Medical Association before accepting the position of chief executive officer of the Nevada State Medical Association in 1973. Following his retirement in 1988, Pugh embarked upon his writing career. In addition to the books he has published with Greasewood Press, Pugh has written several other non-fiction works.


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