Fit Bits: Exercising while on vacation

6/28/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Well it's that time again when most of us are thinking about summer vacations, and that usually means going to a recreation area like a national park, a beach, a lake or anywhere that you can enjoy outdoor activities. You couldn't ask for a better opportunity to exercise while having fun. Allow me to give you some examples of recreational activities and their caloric values.

  • Beach volleyball is one of the top calorie burners burning 280 calories in only a half hour;
  • Canoeing will burn about 110 calories in that same time frame;
  • Rowing will burn 250 calories;
  • Swimming is the top calorie burner in the group, expending over 300 calories per half hour;
  • Touch football burns 280 calories in half an hour;
  • Frisbee and body surfing both expending approximately 110 calories per half hour and are less strenuous than other activities;
  • If golf is your game then count on burning about 150 calories for every half hour you are on the course.
  • If zoo's and botanical gardens are in the plans for your vacation then know that even leisurely walking will burn about 200 calories per hour, or 100 per half hour.

If the place you are staying does not have a fitness facility then you might want to consider taking some resistance bands along for your resistance exercise while on vacation. These are good alternatives and are very affordable at most department stores. For a cardio workout throw in a jump rope. Then of course there is that refreshing evening swim after dinner to burn some calories while having fun. So try some of these fun yet fitness friendly activities next time while on vacation. Because of a room change and confusion on my part I will be doing another lecture on fitness July 5th in the William Raggio Building, room 2003 at noon. It's free and we are brown-bagging it for lunch. I hope to see some of you there. Until next time this is your e-fitness coach reminding you to exercise, eat balanced meals, maintain a positive attitude and be fit for life.


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