9/20/2017 | by: Marc Johnson, University President

Help desk, training materials, lab all available to help employees with transition to Workday

9/14/2017 | by: Marc Johnson, University President

The Workday implementation for the campus has begun.

9/05/2017 | by: Mridul Gautam, Vice President for Research and Innovation

VPRI Mridul Gautam's speech at Governor's Conference explains how things move "at the speed of Nevada."

One year after receiving its first refugee families, the NNIC continues to find partnerships and support in helping new families succeed.

8/29/2017 | by: Jessica Maddox, Library Technician, University Libraries

The new exhibit "Letters Home" at the Knowledge Center shines a light on the rich experience of everyday people of Nevada's history

8/24/2017 | by: Jim Faulds, Director, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

A celebration of the late professor of geological sciences and engineering's life will be held on Aug. 30 at Rancho San Rafael Park.

8/11/2017 | by: Felicia DeWald, Coordinator, NevadaFIT

Nearly 1,500 freshmen will converge on campus on Aug. 19 to begin the NevadaFIT academic boot camp -- their first step on the road to student success at the University

8/09/2017 | by: Edward Schoolman, Assistant Professor, Department of History

In his latest installment of how he spent his summer sabbatical, Ned Schoolman studies medieval manuscripts in Italy

8/03/2017 | by: Denise Baclawski, Senior Director of Planning and Construction, Facilities Services

If the campus seems a little busy with construction this summer, you're right, it is; but let's try to keep the long view in mind

7/20/2017 | by: Efrain Gonzalez, Student, University of Nevada, Reno

Student Efrain Gonzalez reflects on his recent participation in San Francisco's Pride event, and why it's an event for all people

7/18/2017 | by: Daniel Enrique Perez, Director, Core Humanities and Associate Professor, World Languages and Literatures

The Northern Nevada Pride Festival on July 22 to showcase the very best in LGBTQ heritage, history and current activities

At age 22 and arriving in northern Nevada in a 1968 Volkswagen van called "Hektor," Lynn Morton had no idea it was the first step of many that would lead her to a college presidency.