2/20/2018 | by: Sandesh Kannan, President, Graduate Student Association

ULA to discuss new initiatives, campus diveristy issues and other matters pertinent to the University community on Feb. 22

2/08/2018 | by: Blane Harding, Director of Advising, Recruitment and Retention, College of Science

Diversity and multiculturalism should be woven into all areas of the college experience, and this includes bringing to light some black scientists who mad major contributions to their fields.

2/01/2018 | by: Michelle Rebaleati, Multimedia Production Specialist for University Libraries, @One Department

The multimedia production specialist for University Libraries talks about virtual reality culture and emerging technology on the University campus.

1/31/2018 | by: Marc Johnson, University President

Workday's roll-out to campus is complete, and there are many resources available for those who need help with the new system

1/24/2018 | by: Kenneth Broadhead,

A student’s creative dialog between four philosophers explores the importance of integrity in academics and win’s Ignite Integrity Contest.

1/16/2018 | by: Tiffany Brown, Team Member, TEDxUniversityofNevada

TEDxUniversityofNevada team recalls highlights and takeaways of past talks, looks forward to Jan. 27 event

1/10/2018 | by: Chris Partridge, Coordinator, Student Engagement

Students are encouraged to engage and better their community through volunteerism on Jan. 15

12/14/2017 | by: Caitlin McKinney, Records and Registration Coordinator, Enrollment Services

As technology continues to improve, so too has the traditional task of inputting end-of-semester grades

12/12/2017 | by: Catherine Cortez Masto, Senator, United States of America

In her remarks during 2017 December Commencement ceremonies, history-making U.S. senator encourages grads to make their own histories

12/07/2017 | by: Enid Jennings, Health Promotion Program Coordinator, Health Educator for Student Health Services

Efforts are still underway to educate the University about benefits of a tobacco free campus

11/29/2017 | by: John Trent, Senior Editor, News & Features

Over the years, the words and wisdom of the late President Joe Crowley have provided humor, comfort and solace

11/21/2017 | by: Edward Schoolman, Associate Professor, Department of History

In his latest installment of how he's spending his sabbatical, Ned Schoolman reflects on life, work and some new academic opportunities while living in Padua, Italy.