Core director

Graduate assistants

Services provided to users

  • Technical support, assistance and training of core users
  • Access to various VR and AR equipment (it is possible to check out headsets/computing equipment for use 
  • Accessible room (MSS309) for conducting user studies (tracking space 15 x 15 feet) (room can be scheduled using a calendar).  
  • 3D Software development services for VR/AR hardware (development of immersive VR/AR environment in Unity or other 3D engines)

The equipment supported by the Virtual and Augmented Reality Interaction Core includes:

  • Computing infrastructure
    • 4x SkyTech Siege desktop computers (Ryzen 7 1700X, 250GB SSD with 3D NAND, GTX 1080 Ti 11GB, 120mm Liquid Cool, 2TB HDD, 16GB DDR4) for VR/AR development. 
    • 1 MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro-002 15.6” Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7 3.8GHz 32GB DDR4 RAM,NVIDIA’s GTX 1070) for conducting user studies.
  • Virtual reality hardware
    • 2x HTC Vive Pro + TPCast wireless adapter
    • 2x HTC Vive
    • 1x Oculus Rift & Touch
    • 1x Oculus Go
    • 2x Google Daydream
    • 2x Google Tango Tablet
    • 2x Durovis Dive 7 headsets
  • Eye tracking equipment
    • 2x HTC Vice PRO EYE headset with integrated eye tracker
    • 1x Fove 0 EYE tracking VR headset
    • 1x Pupil labs mobile binocular eye tracker
    • 2x Pupil labs HTC Vive Binocular Add-on
  • Augmented reality hardware
    • 1x Google Glass.
    • 1x Microsoft Hololens 2 (pre-ordered)
  • Skeletal/hand tracking
    • 1x Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor
    • 3x Azure Kinect sensor 
    • 1x Leap motion hand tracker