Call to artists: Native American mural art

The budget and timeline for this project has been revised as of December 8, 2023.

The University of Nevada, Reno and Office of Indigenous Relations seeks requests for qualifications for an outdoor mural project to be located on the University of Nevada, Reno main campus. This mural is part of the University’s sesquicentennial celebration.

University of Nevada, Reno's 150th Anniversary LogoThe University of Nevada recognizes that it is situated on the traditional homelands of the Numu (Northern Paiute), Wašiw (Washoe), Newe (Western Shoshone), and Nuwu (Southern Paiute) peoples and understands the importance of Tribal communities and Native Americans across the State of Nevada, and their diverse perspectives.

The mural will serve as a space for gathering, reflection, and celebration of Native American Peoples.


The vision for this mural is to be a transition piece to include storytelling as a visual representation throughout the years of Native American communities in Nevada, and to highlight the ways in which education has served as a tool for empowerment and the movement of Native American People. This may include the intertwined relationship between traditional ways in present day Native American communities.

The proposed mural will provide representation for Native American students, staff, faculty, community members, and visitors and strive to foster a sense of belonging at the University of Nevada, Reno. The artist will be given creative license to expand beyond the main theme of storytelling to include aspects of language, resiliency, education, empowerment, connection to land and culture, and Wolf Pack imagery.

Mural project overview

Mural site requirements

This mural will be located on the University of Nevada, Reno main campus on the Ansari Business Building, which is accessible by a walkway in between the Ansari Business Building and Pennington Student Achievement Center (PSAC). Please note that each wall of the mural may have unique parameters to work within and that a lift will likely be required to access the space due to uneven ground directly in front of mural wall.

Total wall surface area for the mural wall(s) is 1,396 SQ FT.

Mural paint requirements

  • Low maintenance; primer coat; anti‐graffiti coating; weather, vandal and graffiti resistant; or some kind of clear coat. This mural will not be maintained by campus Facilities Services.
  • Suitable for public viewing by all ages.
  • Artist will need to provide all materials and equipment for the installation of the mural. This includes the lift and any additional certifications or permits required).
  • Aerial architectural layout of the Ansari Business building showing the exterior walls next to the walkway with labels showing the location of the left, center, and right walls where the mural will be located.
  • [Image Description] Architectural layout of the exterior walls of the Ansari Business Building showing a total square footage of 1,396 SQ FT. From left to right, the labeling shows a 357 SQ FT area with 15'-9", 14'-0" and 24'-0" measurements, a 478 SQ FT area with 14'-0", 12'-0" and 36'-9 1/4" measurements, a 230 SQ FT area with 12'-0", 11'-0" and 20'-0" measurements, and a 331 SQ FT area with 11'-0", 7'-0" and 36'-9 1/4" measurements. The elevation changes (from left to right) from 4552'-3", 4554', 4556', 4557', 4561' to 4568'.
  • Left-side wall exterior of the Ansari Business Building where the mural will be painted.
  • Center wall exterior of the Ansari Business Building where the mural will be painted.
  • Right-side wall exterior of the Ansari Business Building where the mural will be painted.

Project timeline - Updated

  • Call for Artists (RFQs) Opens. October 20, 2023
  • Call for Artists (RFQs) Closes. No longer accepting submissions (Deadline was Nov. 10, 2023)
  • Finalists Selected. January 2024
  • Artists Selection and Contract. Feb - March 2024
  • Indigenous Mural Art Installation. May - June 2024

The artist will have access to the Mural area to begin their work on Monday, May 20, 2024 and will be required to have the Mural complete and the area free from equipment and materials by June 30, 2024. This timeline coincides with the University’s Summer Sessions with fewer students on campus, and provides minimal disruption to the pedestrian walkways and academic classes.

Supporting equitable opportunities

The University of Nevada Reno is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive campus culture. Our goal is to ensure that you have the right to an education and to work and advance in employment on the basis of merit, ability, and potential without fear of discrimination. In short, our vision is to see, Every Member of The Pack Treated With Dignity and Respect.

The Office of Indigenous Relations at the University of Nevada, Reno aims to build strong community connections, provide funding and resources, and create supportive and culturally inclusive environments for Indigenous students, faculty and communities.

For more on information, visit Equal Opportunity & Title IX.

Community forum

An open discussion/call for public comments was held the week of November 6-10 for public comments. The Mural Committee will continue to work with the Communities throughout the remainder of the process.

Contact us

For questions on the project, please email Sequoyah Pollard in the Office of Indigenous Relations at