Research Facilities & Equipment

Our students work in an array of excellent research facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. Here are some of the facilities and infrastructure that our faculty utilize for their projects.

Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station

The Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station is utilized heavily by our faculty and students. With farming land, a meat processing plant, and multiple field stations throughout the state, this is a great resource for our graduate students.
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Valley Road Field Labs & Greenhouse Complex

Many of our students and faculty conduct experiments at this complex—a core facility for controlling variables such as temperature, humidity, light and airflow, to conduct studies on farming and environmental effects on plants.
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Dorothy S. Gallagher Great Basin Environmental Research Laboratory

This unique facility at the Desert Research Institute is used to study ecosystems and biological processes. One feature here is the enormous soil chambers on scales, primarily used to study water loss during plant growth with very high precision.

Sanford Center for Aging

We have had multiple students run projects through the Sanford Center for Aging, where they focus on public health issues and improving the quality of life for older adults through aging-related research.
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Organic Analytical Lab

Our students and faculty utilize the Organic Analytic Lab at the Desert Research Institute for atmospheric chemistry experiments looking at organic compounds in the air and analyzing contaminants.
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