Supervisor duties and resources

As a supervisor, you are the key to creating a culture of inclusivity and ensuring that your employees’ rights are respected. You also have significant responsibility for ensuring that the University complies with the law and creates an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. 

Duties and responsibilities of a University supervisor

Every supervisor of employees has responsibility to take reasonable steps intended to prevent acts of unlawful discrimination or harassment, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Monitoring the work and school environment for signs that unlawful discrimination or harassment may be occurring;
  2. Refraining from participation in, or encouragement of actions that could be perceived as unlawful discrimination or harassment (verbal or otherwise);
  3. Stopping any observed acts that may be considered unlawful discrimination or harassment, and taking appropriate steps to intervene, whether or not the involved individuals are within their line of supervision; and
  4. Taking immediate action to minimize or eliminate the work and/or school contact between the involved individuals where there has been a complaint of unlawful discrimination or harassment, pending investigation. 

What to do if a supervisor receives a complaint?

If a supervisor receives a complaint of unlawful discrimination or harassment, or observes or becomes aware of conduct that may constitute unlawful discrimination or harassment, the supervisor must immediately contact the Title IX Coordinator to provide the information about the conduct, to discuss it and/or to report the action taken. Failure to take action to prevent the occurrence of or stop known unlawful discrimination or harassment may be grounds for disciplinary action against the supervisor.

Frequently asked questions for supervisors