Unlawful discrimination and harassment complaint process

Complaints of unlawful discrimination or harassment are taken seriously and will be dealt with promptly, thoroughly, impartially, and equitably. Where unlawful discrimination or harassment is found to have occurred, the NSHE institution or unit where it occurred will act to stop the unlawful discrimination or harassment, to prevent its recurrence, to remedy its effects, if any, and to discipline those responsible.

Complaints of unlawful discrimination or harassment should be filed as soon as possible with the Title IX coordinator, supervisor, department chair, or dean.

If anyone in a supervisory, managerial, administrative or executive role or position, such as a supervisor, department chair, or director of a unit, receives a complaint of unlawful discrimination or harassment, or observes or becomes aware of conduct that may constitute unlawful discrimination or harassment, the person must immediately contact the Title IX Coordinator to forward the complaint and/or provide information about the conduct, to discuss it and/or to report the action taken.