Technical specifications for digital signage

All digital signage displays must be commercial grade flat panel displays with a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 (HD). Consumer display models are not acceptable for this purpose. Consumer displays do not possess the proper connections and more importantly are not designed to run 24 hours a day. The digital signage displays should not be under 43” and not over 60” to allow the content to be seen but not excessively large. All displays will be installed in a landscape orientation.

Signage display installations shall extend no further than 4” from the wall (including mount) to maintain compliance with ADA regulations.

No substitutions are permitted for standard equiment without formal approval by the Office of Digital Learning (ODL). Additionally, new signage locations in common spaces require the approval of the Facilities Resource Committee (FRC).

Contact the Office of Digital Learning for current standard monitor and mount models – and to determine the appropriate monitor size for your location.

University digital signage platform

The University of Nevada, Reno uses the Visix digital signage platform. Each signage location requires a “player” that is connected to the network and receives content via the signage content server. Visix provides a number of different players that can be used. The players are listed on the Visix website.

Per the University Administrative Manual, all digital signage placed in common spaces on campus are required to use the University’s signage system. 

Digital signage yearly licensing

Each participating unit must pay a licensing fee each year. This fee is based the number of signage players used. Each player has a set licensing fee for each year.

Contact information

For hardware-related questions, please contact:

Office of Digital Learning

Phone: (775) 794-6085