Teachers and Schools

The University of Nevada, Reno partners with public and private schools across the state to implement the Collegiate Academy curriculum so that students can stay in their high schools while earning college credit. High school teachers are paired with University professors to collaboratively develop a curriculum that fits the rigor of the college-level course into the unique high school setting.

I feel very re-engaged as a teacher. I was starting to get a little stagnant with the content that I was teaching. Now we’re teaching a college-level class in a more fun and interesting way. I feel so excited every single day to teach this class.

Sonia Kretschmer

Reed High School teacher, HIST 102

Teacher sids on a bench that says "Reed."

Unlike the textbook-based and test-for-credit options, high school teachers receive mentorship and personalized professional development throughout the semester from their partner professors. What results is a course that leverages both the content expertise of University faculty with the teaching expertise of the high school teachers. 

Partnering with the University of Nevada, Reno can:

  • Enhance your school's academic reputation
  • Provide equitable access to higher education for your students by providing low-cost college credit options
  • Offer a unique program of professional development, continuing education and networking for your teachers
  • Reinvigorate your curriculum with evolving, rigorous coursework

Teachers: earn your M.Ed fully online and join the Collegiate Academy

The College of Education and Human Development is offering a fully online Master's in Education degree program (34 credits) for teachers who are currently or interested in teaching dual-credit courses. This program is suited for licensed secondary educators with at least two years of experience.