Student Learning Outcomes

SLOs are the key component of an assessment plan.  These are concise statements that indicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students in a program are expected to demonstrate during pre-determined points of their studies, as well as at the conclusion of their studies. A description of SLOs, as well as guidelines for composing them, is included on the SLO style sheet, and many assessment coordinators also rely on Bloom's Taxonomy of Action Verbs to develop the language of their learning outcomes.  It is important to realize that an SLO is distinct from a course objective or goal; for further discussion, see the Frequently Asked Questions regarding assessment.

SLO Style Sheet

These guidelines are used by the UCCC to evaluate course and program learning outcomes.  If SLOs in course and program proposal do not follow these guidelines, the faculty submitting the proposal will be asked to revise the learning outcomes accordingly.  For further guidance on composing SLOs for individual courses within a curriculum, see the Mapping SLOs tip sheet. this template for a program learning outcome-based curriculum map, or this competencies-based one.

For departments and colleges whose SLOs are dictated by external accrediting agencies, these guidelines do not apply. Please note in course and program proposal forms that the language of your learning outcomes is required by such agencies.  

Sample SLOs

SLOs for all UNR credit-bearing courses will be published in the General Catalog in fall 2016.  What follows are sample learning outcomes for specific types of courses.

By Course Type

Doctoral and Graduate-Specific Courses

Internships/Practica (also applicable to Silver Core Objective 14)