Fundamental proficiencies assessment

Fundamental Proficiencies Assessment (FPA) is the University-wide evaluation of all undergraduate degree programs as required by the University of Nevada, Reno's regional accrediting agency, NWCCU. FPA is focused on three areas of student performance:

  • Communication (CO1)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (CO2)
  • Critical Thinking (CO3)

Each year, all departments are responsible for collecting assessment data on these three fundamental proficiencies, using rubrics based on the standards and SLOs for Core Objectives 1, 2, and 3.

For each undergraduate degree program, data is to be collected on each of these three objectives in at least two courses: one designated as "midpoint" or “developing” for the Core Objective and one designated as "culminating" or “mastery”. Departments are to create and maintain a curriculum map that identifies the midpoint and culminating courses where each CO will be assessed.

Fundamental Proficiencies Assessment rubrics

Reporting results

Results of departmental degree program Fundamental Proficiencies Assessment will be reported to the Curriculum & Assessment Office via the Watermark platform. These results are due by the eighth week of the semester following the course(s) (i.e., the results of fall assessments are due in mid-March, and the results of spring assessments are due in mid-October).

For information on reporting results of FPA, please refer to the Purpose & Process Outline available on the Watermark Planning & Self Study Canvas Site (log in to Canvas to access). To request access to the Canvas site, please contact the Curriculum & Assessment Office at